Honey Ginger Meditation: Healing Potion

This is a quick tea-drinking ceremony with Honey Ginger tea that can calm a cough, soothe laryngitis, or reduce menstrual cramps.ยน

Video Meditation


Light a white or yellow candle during this meditation

Honey and ginger tea is an easy, delicious, and all-natural way to promote good health. Its many health benefits include anti-inflammatory effects and reducing muscle pain.ยฒ


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Potions can have medicinal uses as they vary in effects, nature, mode of preparation and ingredients. Healing potions and drinks were used since ancient times mainly by healers and still are a fundamental part of folk Magic.

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Healing potion

When preparing Magic potions it’s important to know the properties of each herb, plant, fruit, and root you will use. As with real spells, you will have to awaken the power of each ingredient and prepare your potion with the firm conviction that your intent will manifest.

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Healing Potion Spell: Honey Ginger Tea Meditation
Healing Potion Spell: Honey Ginger Tea Meditation

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