What Does It Mean When You See Green Lights

Green Light Spiritual Meaning: Orbs and Other Apparitions

Have you ever awakened to see a green light shining in your room? Or just outside your window? What about walking in the woods at night?

Strangely enough, I’ve had a similar experience. I awoke one night – not frightened or startled from a bad dream, just a bit groggy – and opened my eyes to see a red light floating just above my bedside table.

Even though my room was completely dark, the light shined brightly enough to illuminate the table and the wall behind it in a soft glow. In my sleepy stupor, I found myself annoyed by the light in my face. I rolled over, closed my eyes, and fell back asleep.

The next morning, I could still remember the light. Not in distorted bits and faint pieces like my dreams often are, but a physical manifestation bright enough to wake me and make its presence known. I hadn’t felt scared or even surprised by it.

Green Light Spiritual Meaning 💚

This green light carries several spiritual symbolisms. Firstly, it can be seen as a harbinger of good news, offering hope and faith in difficult times. It signifies that positive change or a miracle is imminent. Additionally, this light serves as a prompt for action.

Green light

Moreover, this green light can embody mental clarity, aiding in discovering answers during moments of contemplation and introspection. It is a reminder of the internal power each individual holds.

This phenomenon doesn’t appear only to paranormal researchers or those with a keen interest in the spirit world, either. Photographers, videographers, and even parents trying to snap photos of family memories have unwittingly captured these mysterious floating orbs.

Spiritually, green is the color of healing and renewal. A green light signifies the anticipation of significant life changes, serving as a prelude to major events or spiritual awakenings.

Others have reported more up-close-and-personal experiences with these glowing green lights. While they can sometimes be seen floating mystically above bodies of water and keeping to themselves, some appear in the woods at night to frighten campers from their tents. There have also been accounts of green orbs of light that can move fast enough to keep pace with cars on the highway.

Despite all the firsthand accounts and photographic evidence, there is much debate as to what these mysterious orbs actually are.

What to Do if You See a Green Light 🟢

What I’ve discovered is that, no matter the cause, these experiences are often spiritual messages from our guides for us alone to decipher. If you’ve seen a green light or green orb, here are a few ways that you can follow-up and research the meaning behind it.

  • Research the color psychology behind the light. What does its color represent on a spiritual level?
  • Meditate on the power of green and notice if you can match how you felt when you had the experience. A calming feeling is typically not indicative of a negative encounter.
  • Perform divination methods such as tarot, scrying, or using a pendulum to try and contact your spirit guides for clarification.
  • Reflect on its meaning: if this truly was a spiritual encounter, then what does that mean for you? How does that affect you worldview? Consider journaling on the topic.
  • Dive deeper into your green calling: Explore Plant Magic or try a meditating with an Emerald stone.

What is an Orb?

Orbs are an unexplained phenomenon observed in all parts of the globe. While their meaning remains unknown, orbs are spotted in photographs, referenced in folktales as fairy lights and Will o’ the Wisps, and may appear seemingly out of nowhere in the darkness of your bedroom at night.

In fact, these orbs may be signs of fairies, indicating their presence among us. Fairies, often depicted as mystical beings in folklore, are believed to manifest in various forms, with orbs being one of the most enchanting. This connection between orbs and fairies is explored here: “Working With Fairies: 8 Signs The Fairies Are Near,” where we discuss the intriguing signs that suggest the proximity of these enigmatic creatures.

While it can be frightening, orbs can’t hurt you. They simply appear to us in the most unexpected ways, sparking the imagination and reminding the world of its myriad of unanswered questions.

So what causes this strange phenomenon, and what does it mean when you see a green light or orb in your bedroom at night? Let’s dig deeper to find out…

What Causes an Orb to Appear?

It’s important to remember that a mundane explanation for your experience is far more likely than a supernatural one.

Were there other light sources present that may have caused an anomaly to appear in an unexpected place? Are there any reflective objects or electronics nearby to blame? Could someone be pulling a prank on you?

In photography, orbs often appear because of backscatter: flecks of dust, particles of water, or other environmental specks that make their way into lenses and form circles that resemble balls of light on the finished product. Is there a chance your lens was dirty or that you took the photo in a dusty location, as many “haunted” buildings often are?

That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t take these sightings seriously. Plenty of experiences have witnessed orbs of different sizes rising up from a body of water, changing trajectory, or even chasing a subject – phenomena that certainly can’t be attributed to a dusty camera.

Green orb outside a home
Photo captured by External_Nebula_4089

So what is really causing these orbs to appear? We can’t be too sure of that.

Some believe these orbs to be trickster spirits who do not take a human form, either because they choose not to or because they were never human to begin with. In fact, a spirit may appear as an orb more often than as a full-bodied figure.

Orbs may even be comprised of residual energy that is left behind after a paranormal event or an encounter with a spirit. It may indicate that the veil between worlds is very thin in the area, allowing this energy to pass through freely.

These manifestations may also be messages from our spirit guides, showing themselves in such a way to communicate with us. Orbs with a strong color signature may hold a specific meaning, helping us to determine if it is a wandering spirit or an entity with purpose.

What Does a Green Orb Symbolize?

When determining if an orb has intent (either good or bad), consider how you felt when you had the experience. Was it enchanting, frightening, or even calming? Pay attention to the orb’s movement. Did it chase you or simply float around in your presence? Did you wake up to see it by your bedside?

Depending on the type of orb you encounter, there may be a hidden meaning or purpose behind its visit. An orb that chases you might be a playful spirit rather than one with ill intent. In many cases, orbs seem to simply float around without much direction.

Green orb

If it is an omen or has a goal of some kind, an orb’s color can help you to determine its meaning.

A green light orb may appear if you need some kind of healing. If you have chronic illness, are dealing with a bad sickness or injury, processing through a traumatic experience, or dealing with psychological issues, these orbs may appear to you to aid in your recovery or ease your symptoms.

Conversely, you may see green light as you open or unblock your heart chakra. Green is often considered a sign of spiritual awakening, good fortune, wealth, and enlightenment.

Green is also attributed to the forces of nature and healing. Much like Will o’ the Wisps are often associated with the fae, green orbs may also be nature spirits or spells cast by them to send healing out into the world. A green orb might be released when someone heals from trauma or illness or lets go of negative energy that has been weighing them down.

Whether spirits of loved ones, messages from our otherworldly guides, or nonhuman entities from lightyears away, one thing we do know is that these orbs show up to lend advice in times of need, send messages to warn us, and fill us with a sense of curious wonder. We may never understand them, but these brilliant balls of light have gilded the pages of humanity’s folktales since the dawn of history, and we will continue to have sightings for years to come.

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