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Making and Using a Pendulum Chart

A pendulum chart is an extremely useful tool for gathering knowledge outside of your own. Whether you are an advanced pendulum user or a beginner, everyone can learn with just a bit of practice.

There are many different variations of pendulum charts, though some are much easier to create than others. In this article, we will be discussing the steps to making a simple pendulum chart in a circle or half-circle form. Then, we will go over some basic instructions on how to use the pendulum reading chart.

Where will it go? Yes or No

What is a Pendulum Chart?

A pendulum chart is a visual guide that allows a pendulum to answer specific questions you ask. These charts will include preset responses which allow the pendulum simply to point toward an answer.

Pendulum charts allow you to go beyond simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers and gather much more specific and informative answers.

Pendulums are used for many different practices, including answering questions about the future. They can also be used for meditation, energy work, aura cleansing, looking for lost things, and more. In this case, the pendulum is being used as a messenger and a tool of guidance. It will provide answers to your questions by channeling your intuition and energy from a higher source.

Using a Pendulum
How to Use a Pendulum

How to Make a Pendulum Chart

There are many different layouts you can use to make your pendulum chart. One of the easiest ways is to simply draw out a chart on a piece of blank paper.

The simplest shape to go for is a half-circle because it makes the pendulum swing a lot more clear. Draw a half-circle on your paper before dividing the circle into multiple different slices (like a pizza). In each slice, you can write a specific answer.

If you want to ask simple questions, you can write answers such as ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘unclear’, ‘maybe’, etc, sort of like a magic eight ball. If your questions demand a longer answer, you can write letters or numbers in the slices.

Make sure not to make the slices too small or it may be difficult to decipher which one the pendulum is swinging towards.

If you want to create a full-circle pendulum chart, you do a similar thing by breaking the chart into sections like a pizza. In each slice, you will put a letter, number, or specific answer.

Every pendulum board will look different depending on your goals for your divination exercise. You can look at different photos of pendulum boards on Google to get further inspiration. You can even print out a board from the internet in order to craft a new one.

How to Use a Pendulum Chart

1. Prepare your questions.

It is good to go into a pendulum chart reading with intentions and a specific focus. Prepare some questions ahead of time or decide what you would like further answers about.

Be careful not to prepare questions that are too nuanced. These can be complicated for the pendulum to answer and will make your reading less clear. Instead, opt for simple basic questions that have clear answers.

For example, you should ask “Can I-” or “Will I-” questions instead of “Should I-” questions. “Should I-” implies the need for a more nuanced answer based on opinion rather than fact.

Good example questions:

  • Is (insert here) my soul mate?
  • Am I currently on my soul path?
  • When will I have children?

2. Cleanse the pendulum.

Before using the pendulum board, you should first prepare your pendulum by cleansing it. This is important because it will cleanse any negative energy attached and allow for more clear answers.

You can cleanse your pendulum the same way you would cleanse any crystals. This depends on the material your pendulum is made of but generally includes using incense, water, burying it in the ground, using selenite, or leaving it in the moonlight overnight.

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3. Get properly situated.

After it is cleansed, you are ready to begin using the board. Hold the pendulum by the attached wire or string so that it can swing freely. Sit up as straight as possible and set both feet on the floor so that you are sturdy.

Next, place your elbow on the table and arch your wrist as you gently hold the pendulum over the ‘hinge point’. On a half-circle pendulum board, this is at the center of the straight line. On a full circle board, it is the very center of the circle. The tip of your pendulum should rest about ½ an inch above the chart.

4. Calibrate the pendulum.

Sometimes pendulums pick up the energy from nearby sources (water, electricity, auras, etc), so it is always a good idea to calibrate it. In order to calibrate it and make sure everything is working smoothly, ask a question you already know the answer to. If your pendulum swings the right way, you are good to go!

Finding the right pendulum for you.
How do you find a good pendulum?

5. Ask your questions.

Now you can ask your pendulum the questions you don’t know the answer to. Be patient and let your pendulum guide you to its answer. If it is being unclear, you can hold it over each section to see if it becomes more clear. If the pendulum does not move in any direction, it may not have the answer for you.

It will take longer to decipher answers to questions that do not have simple yes/no/maybe answers. Be patient and do not force the pendulum in any specific direction. You may find that some answers do not come. This is because there are some things that you are not yet supposed to know.

Finding Lost Items with a Pendulum

Did you know that you can use a Pendulum to find a lost object too?

Dowsing is a traditional technique for searching for underground water, but you can also dowse to find misplaced objects.

  1. Hold the pendulum by the chain and focus on the item you are looking for.
  2. It will swing in the direction you need to go.
  3. Triangulate by using the pendulum in several places to see where the paths converge.
  4. Once you are over the lost item, the pendulum will move round in circles rather than swinging backwards and forwards.

Another method is to hold the pendulum over a map of the area where you think the object may be located and focus on the question, “Where is my lost object?” the pendulum will begin to swing in a particular direction.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, pendulum boards make a great way to connect with your intuition and higher energy sources in order to learn information you do not have access to on your own.

Pendulum dowsing charts are fairly easy to make and using them is a simple process. Even if you are a beginner pendulum user, you will quickly be able to access new information and learn more about the world and yourself.

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