Spiritual Learning: How to Awaken My Spiritual Power?

Everyone can benefit from activating their subconscious or in other words embarking on a spiritual awakening journey. The experience you will undergo to access your spiritual energy is equivalent to the pursuit of happiness. This is factual no matter the process you take to awaken and increase your spiritual power. Faraway shamanic retreats, although helpful, aren’t necessary for accessing spiritual energy. From the comfort of your own home, you can access the power your spirit holds and expand your subconscious mind to heights never imagined.

Spiritual Power and the Body

The health of the physical body can directly correlate with spiritual wellbeing. It’s a well-known fact that moving your body increases mood and focus while also reducing stress. These are all essential aspects of gaining spiritual power. Bodily movement can be crucial to gaining spiritual energy because it tests your willpower and discipline, increases your ability to set intentions, and provides mental clarity.

Physical activity takes on a form of meditation. While you may not be stationary like traditional meditational practices, you are undergoing deep breath work and actively focusing on your movement. Yoga, cross-fit, and running are all examples of physical exertion to ground your spirit back to your body.

It is important to note here that physical movement and taking care of your body will look different for everyone. Some people are able-bodied and may have a higher exercise capacity than others. Some people are disabled and have different capacities for movement. All forms of exercise and body care are valid as long as they are within your capacity as a physical being. Any movement and body care can help you on your spiritual journey regardless of age, ability, or physical strength.

Increasing Awareness

In life, many people often have behaviors that aren’t serving them. This could be spending a lot of time in front of screens or not eating consciously. To increase your awareness it is important to find deeper meaning in everyday life. For example, pay attention to how your body moves and the thoughts that occur throughout your day. Doing this will help you stay grounded in the present moment and discover patterns of behavior that may not be aligned with the energy you want to project into the Universe or attract from it.

With awareness comes self-reflection. You will be able to recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and make plans to move away from them without judgment as well as analyze your belief systems to see if they are serving you and your goals. You will obtain positive spiritual energy and a better understanding of energy patterns by increasing your awareness.

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Explore Your Truth

Becoming your most authentic self is essential in awakening spiritual power. Unfortunately, beliefs, behaviors, and spiritual blockages often prevent people from being their true selves. Ask yourself self-identifying and reflective questions. There are some examples listed below. You will recognize an area you need to explore further when you are unsure of an answer.

  • Who are you?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What fuels you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your values?
  • Who do you want to be spiritually?
  • What areas in life do you want to change?

Let go of Judgment

Try and let go of judgment of yourself, others, places, things, and even past events. With spiritual power comes understanding. This is an understanding that things aren’t always as they seem, of different perspectives, and a broader viewpoint to help you make decisions. You will also have to release any image in your mind of what your spiritual energy awakening will look or feel like. Let go of any expectations.

Gaining access to your spiritual power won’t be something that happens overnight and it will come with much trial and error. It takes time and devoted effort on your part to remove inhibiting beliefs and heal the inner and outer systems. Commit to healing and you will reap the rewards. As with everything else, your spiritual power already exists.

Affirmations for Change

Every single human being struggles with self-doubt at some point in their life. Speaking negatively about yourself and potential circumstances can inadvertently attract more negative experiences. The key to overcoming negative thoughts is to switch them immediately afterward and make a conscious effort to remain positive-minded. For example, if you think, “I could’ve done so much better,” you would recognize it without judgment. Once recognizing negative thoughts, tell yourself the opposite. This could be, “I did my best, and I’m proud of the effort I put in.

If you believe and tell yourself that you aren’t good enough, the effort you put into your life will reflect those negative thoughts. Similarly, if you consciously focus on creating positive thought patterns, the outcomes in your life will reflect that. Although, in the beginning, this step is much easier said than done, it is a necessary turning point in healing. Furthermore, this is crucial in gaining awareness to access your spiritual power.

It is important to note here that while the above methods may work for the average person they are not always feasible. Anyone that struggles with their mental health, has a mental illness, or is otherwise unable to do the above is just as valid in their spiritual power. Different methods are available to you and you may need to work a bit harder to achieve a certain level of awareness. We here at Spells8 encourage all witches, magickal people, and practitioners to seek therapy and help when necessary and accessible.

Growth-Minded Activities

Growth goes hand in hand with expanding spiritual energy. Things that will encourage spiritual growth will look different for everyone, but one thing remains the same. Growth only occurs when people are uncomfortable. To increase spiritual energy you need to get out of your comfort zone.

If unsure where to begin, start with things you already enjoy doing and expand on those. For example, if you like reading, read a new genre. If you enjoy music, listen to different types of music. You should also be open-minded to new experiences that may enter your path.

Serving others is also an impactful way of growing. While increasing your spiritual power, you can also give it to others in moderation. For example, consider volunteering or frequenting places in need. This could include homeless shelters, nursing homes, soup kitchens, etc. Being humbled in service can open up avenues for self-reflection, charity, and growth on a wider level.

Along with personal growth ventures, it is also essential to focus on group activities. While you cannot force growth on anyone, the energies of those around you can inhibit or encourage your own spiritual development. Analyze your social circle and decide if the people you spend time with hold qualities that are an embodiment of the person you want to be and the energy you want to attract.

Connect with your Higher Power

Regardless of religion or spiritual identification, many people have something they believe in. Whether that is God, the Universe, or otherwise, practicing and nourishing a solid connection with your Higher Power will increase your spiritual energy, awareness, and overall wellbeing. You can nurture this connection through prayer, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and grounding yourself in nature.

Another activity to nourish the link between your Higher Power and yourself is simply taking purposeful moments of silence to be grateful for what is occurring during the present. Thanking your Higher Power regularly for giving you abundance and tranquility will help you to have more gratitude for the little things in life. However, people must remember to also be thankful for the challenges in their path. Without darkness and tribulation, no one would never know light and ecstasy. Therefore, the daily practice of nourishment connection to your desired entity will heed maximum spiritual growth.

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Spiritual awakening = the pursuit of happiness

Nothing in this world besides yourself will prevent you from accessing your fullest spiritual potential. Letting go of habits, thoughts, people, and energies not aligned with your values alone will bring you immense positive spiritual energy. Nurturing yourself and your desires and practicing gratitude for every little thing will give you access to the spiritual power already within you. Combining these with long-term spirit-fulfilling activities will increase your spiritual energy to heights never imagined. Stay in the present while focusing on intentions and purposeful living. In doing so, you will not only be spiritually awakened but also live a more fulfilled and happy life.

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