Aphrodite Devotional Prayer to Bring Love

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Pink candle

Light a pink candle during this devotional.

Incense for Aphrodite:

Frankincense, Myrrh, Rosemary.

Offerings to Aphrodite:

Perfume, Roses, Myrtle, Honey, Red wine.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, sex and beauty.

She protects spouses, brings fertility and is present during childbirth. Her attributes are the secrets of the maidens, the smiles, the deceptions, the pleasure, the love and the sweetness. Her favorite animals are pigeons. Her plants are rose and myrtle.

Aphrodite has numerous equivalents: Inanna in Sumerian mythology, Astarte in the Phoenician one, Turan in the Etruscan and Venus in the Roman. According to Greek geographer Pausanias, the first to establish her cult were the Assyrians.

Aphrodite’s Worship Song

Invoke Aphrodite’s help to assist you in matters of love, whether it’s a husband/wife relationship, an ex-lover, boyfriend/girlfriend, or anything else. Bring love, lust and passion into your life with this prayer.

Devotional text

Heavenly, smiling Aphrodite, praised in many hymns,

Sea-born, revered goddess of generation, you like the night-long revel,

And you couple lovers at night, O scheming mother of Necessity.

Everything comes from you; you have yoked the world and you control all three realms.

You give birth to all, to everything in heaven, upon fruitful earth,

And in the depths of the sea, O venerable companion of Bacchus.

You delight in festivities, O bride-like mother of the Erotes,

O persuasion whose joy is in the bed of love, secretive giver of grace,

Visible and invisible, lovely-tressed daughter of a noble father.

Bridal feast companion of the gods, sceptered she-wolf,

Beloved and man-loving giver of birth and of life,

With your maddening love-charms you yoke mortals,

And the many races of beasts to unbridled passion.

Come, O goddess born in Cyprus, whether you are on Olympos, O queen,

Exulting in the beauty of your face, or you wander in Syria, country of fine frankincense,

Or, yet, driving your golden chariot in the plain,

You lord it over Egypt’s fertile river bed.

I want to be able to receive your love, your joy,

To be blessed by your fresh water.

May the forces and energies of your gaze come to me, my Mother, Aphrodite.

And pour your water over me and my partner.

I want to be able to feel this love for the rest of my life

And that my partner feels the same for me, living in harmony in all ways of love.

Help me recover the love of that person,

Let them feel respect, love and loyalty for me.

Let them heal the wounds of the past, remembering the good times we had together.

Join our lives again, guide us on the right path.

Away from all evil and everything that separated us.

Let this union be restored and let harmony and love reign in our home.

You are my guide so that I can be all love, wisdom, health.

I want to enjoy your water and bathe in it,

Because you bless me with your sweet water.

You are the beautiful goddess who I trust, with your dove of love.

Heavenly, smiling Aphrodite, I thank you for hearing my plea.

I thank you, whether you ride your swan-drawn chariot over the sea’s billows,

Joying in the creatures of the deep as they dance in circles,

Or you delight in the company of the dark-faced nymphs on land,

As light-footed, they frisk over the sandy beaches.

I thank you, O blessed one, and immortal,

Beautiful and comely goddess.

And I will be faithful to you with my holy words and pious soul.

So it is now, so mote it be.

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