Eros Devotional Prayer

Eros Devotional Love Prayer

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Pink candle

Light a pink or white candle during this prayer

Incense for Eros:

Frankincense, Myrrh, Storax.

Offerings to Eros:

Roses, Honeysuckle, Apples, Grapes, Wine, Feathers, Eggs, Lilies.

Eros god

Greek god of love, and sex, also revered as a fertility god.

His name is the root of words such as eroticism. His Roman equivalent was Cupid (“desire”), also known as Amor.

Eros worship was rare in ancient Greece, but would later become widespread. In Athens, he shared a very popular cult with Aphrodite and the fourth day of each month was devoted to him.

He is a primordial deity who embodies not only the force of erotic love but also the creative drive of the ever-blossoming Nature, the primal Light that is responsible for the creation and order of all things in the cosmos. Eros was considered the specific protector of homosexual love.

Devotional text

I call, great Eros, the source of sweet delight, 

Holy and pure, and charming to the sight.

Darting, and winged, impetuous fierce desire, 

With Gods and mortals playing, wandering fire. 

Agile and twofold, keeper of the keys 

Of heaven and earth, the air, and spreading seas.

Of all that earth’s fertile realms contain, 

By which the all parent Goddess life sustains,

Or dismal Tartaros is doomed to keep, 

Widely extended, or the sounding deep. 

For you all nature’s various realms obey,

Who rules alone, with universal sway. 

Come, blessed power, regard these mystic fires, 

and far avert unlawful mad desires.

Your name means Love, a passionate love.

I fly up on light wings to Olympos, in search of You.

Once again limb-loosening Eros, make me tremble, 

Pour down sweetly, and warm my heart.

Spread your glittering golden wings,

Let this world know your name and be moved by it.

The bittersweet, irresistible creature

That is Eros, primordial god of Love.

Should dark sorrows make me languish, 

Cause my cheek to lose its hue, 

In the hour of deepest anguish, 

Eros, then I’ll grieve with you. 

Though the night is dark and dreary, 

And it seems so long to me,

I would whisper, “be not weary;” 

Breathe you, Eros, a prayer for me.

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