Pink Candle Spells

Pink Candle Spells: Heart Chakra + Complete Love

What does a pink candle mean in Witchcraft?

Pink candles are the candles of romantic and tender love. They bring powerful energies that can attract a long-lasting relationship or reinforce a friendship. ๐Ÿ’• Pink is a color that can help us connect with our most sensitive and receptive side, promoting loyalty, balance, and temperance.

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Video Meditation

Pink candle

Light a pink candle during this meditation.

Essential oils: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium.

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Citrine.

Chakra: Heart Chakra.

Pink candles represent femininity, self-love and can also symbolize Venus the Goddess of love and beauty. Keep reading below.

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Invoking Love with a Pink Candle ๐Ÿ’–

Pink candles represent the purest form of Love: A love without selfishness which is ideal for the beginning of a relationship.

The love that arises from the color pink comes from the heart and occurs freely, without conditions. This is the type of true love that exists between parents and their children, among close friends, and in the family.

This unconditional love works in opposition to the fiery red candle which represents physical love and attraction. Pink candles can be used in love spells that seek to bring romantic love, tenderness, warmth, affection, and forgiveness.

Book of Shadows: Candle Magic

The pink candle confers romantic love.

Light a pink candle to ask for the return of a lost love, or a new love, to relief depression when in need of self-love, and when casting spells related to friendship.

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages and Moon Journaling Ideas.

Pink Candle for Self-Love Magic

A pink candle can represent both a red candle (Love) along with a white candle (Protection) at the same time. This combination of energies can be harnessed by those who want to vibrate in good health, beauty, or improved self-esteem. Here are some pink candle spells that invoke the power of the pink candle for these purposes:

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Pink Candle Spells for Love and Friendship

Besides all these qualities, the meaning of burning a pink candle is associated with the highest step in matters of morality. As for love spells with pink candles, they can invoke romantic energies that open the ways to a new love or a meaningful friendship.

Pink Candles to Bring a Lover Back

Combine any of these pagan devotionals โ€“ chanting them as prayers โ€“ with a pink candle burning ritual to attract love back into your life. The pink color can advance deep emotional bonds with other people, especially when it comes to couples. Here are a few love devotionals and love spells you should try:

More Love Rituals with Pink Candles

Browse Spells8 to find Crystal Attunement Meditations and also Guided Tarot Spreads. These are examples of rituals with pink candles:

Spiritual Meaning of the Pink Candle

The meaning of a pink candle is stability in love, relationships, and self-esteem. These candles promote romantic love whether it’s a partner for life or a strong, meaninful friendship. โœจ

What is the pink candle used for in Magic?

Beauty and self-love are enhanced by lighting a pink candle at home and letting its warm glowing energy fill the space. At the moment of burning a pink candle, you will notice that your environment becomes lighter and calmer almost immediately.

Pink candle meaning in Magic

A pink candle generates good sensations and positive emotions by restoring inner peace and harmony. Meditating with a pink candle can help fight anxiety and depression, removing negative feelings such as envy and pride.

When to light a pink candle

If there’s been any negative energies, conflict, or tension in your home, light a pink candle and visualize all negativity disappearing. Pink is a color that restores tenderness and tranquility in a genuine, selfless way. Its influence can be much softer than that of the red candle, which emanates fire and passion.

Everything that is linked to emotions and feelings will be positively affected when burning a pink candle. If you need to bring balance to your heart chakra, keep a pink candle always in your home, light it every Friday and accompany it with a prayer or devotional spell. The effect will soon be visible! โค๏ธ

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Pink Candles: In Summary

  • Pink candles are great to promote the opening of the heart. Light a pink candle to help you heal emotionally.
  • These candles are used in rituals where what is sought is to attract a long-term partner and romantic love.
  • Light pink candles in your home to dissipate negativity, promote harmony, and joy.
  • A pink candle is perfect for its use in rituals and spell of love, self-esteem, and beauty.

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