Hyssop Tea Meditation: Relax & Unwind

One of the best teas before meditation, a cup of hyssop tea will always help you relieve anxiety, stress, and promote a sense of calm. Hyssop tea can create a very mild sedation effect, maybe even dropping your heart-rate just a bit.

Video Meditation


Light a blue candle during this meditation to promote peacefulness.

Heat a cup of water and add some hyssop tea to your mug. Hyssop has no caffeine content due to being an herbal tea. Follow this tea drinking meditation script to enhance or open your spiritual routine.

Hyssop tea magick can be a great way to get started casting your first spells. Use this little ritual to invoke happiness, acceptance, forgive yourself, or promote healing and relaxing.

If you’re under any medications, pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor for possible side effects.

Audio-Only Meditation

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