Best Runes For Protection

Protection Runes: Spiritual Shielding Using Sacred Symbols

One of the most powerful ways to protect yourself is through the use of symbols. Did you know that all symbols hold power?

Much like a crystal or gemstone, a symbol expresses a profound energy that you can use in your daily life to harness the abilities it offers. For protection, one of the best ways to work with symbols is through protection runes.

In this article, you’ll discover the best runes for protection and how to incorporate them into your practice.

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What Are Runes?

Before we dive into which runes are best for protection, let’s dive into what these symbols actually are. A rune is simply a magickal symbol.

There are many types of magickal symbols, such as a pentagram or sigil, but runes are more specifically a group of symbols originating from the Germanic people of Europe in ancient times. The most common form of runes is the Elder Futhark system, which is originally an ancient alphabet.

Runes Runic Magick Norse Alphabet Challenge
Weekly Witch CHALLENGE: Runes

Each of the runes in this sequence holds immense power and has been used since ancient times to protect individuals. Since then, runes have become a staple in some people’s spiritual practices and are used as a tool for divination and protection.

Similar to a tarot deck, runes can be mixed together and drawn to gain a deeper insight into a particular situation or experience and offer a sense of guidance on how to move through it.

The Power of Protection

Protection is an interesting word, especially in regard to spirituality. Spiritual protection comes in all shapes and sizes, and how much of that protection you need often stems from your own personal beliefs.

Everything in the universe is energy. Depending on the person or experience, you can interact with both good and bad energy on any given day. It’s important to have some form of spiritual or energetic protection present daily in order to preserve your own energy and shield you from any negative energy attachments that you may encounter.

Candle Colors for Protection Magick

If you’re working with energy and tapping into the spiritual side of life, it’s essential that you protect yourself because you are more susceptible to spiritual attacks. Another reason protection is vital is simply because you want to keep your own energy as authentic and attuned to your frequency as possible.

When you’re around other people, their energies, thoughts, emotions, and intentions can have an effect on you without you realizing it. Protection rebels against this energetic intrusion and keeps your thoughts, emotions, and intentions safe from influence or infiltration.


Algiz is a powerful Viking protection rune. This rune appears as an elk’s antlers or even a splayed hand.

Both of these symbolic interpretations express defense, protection, and warding off harm. When you work with the Algiz rune, it creates a very strong protective barrier around your energy field.

The field then shields you from anything operating at a lower frequency than you. The Algiz symbol was often carved into the shields and amulets of warriors, acting as a protective seal that ensures victory is obtained.

Algiz Rune Meaning
Algiz – Elder Futhark – Spells8 Course


Eihwaz is a symbol that represents the yew tree and symbolizes endurance, strength, and transformation. This rune can be utilized to strengthen one’s defenses, ensuring their resilience in the face of challenges.

In Germanic cultures, the yew tree was often used for crafting bows, symbolizing protection and strength.


Ehwaz’s essence embodies harmonious flow and balance. By aligning with Ehwaz energies, individuals can attain equilibrium that safeguards their well-being against influences.

When your energies are balanced, you are in an enlightened state and have a greater awareness of the energies around you, both the good and the bad.

Ehwaz Rune Meaning
Ehwaz – Elder Futhark – Spells8 Course


Inguz signifies beginnings, growth, and internal harmony. By tapping into Inguz’s energies, one can create an environment that nurtures development while preventing stagnation.

Inguz has been linked to the Norse deity Ing (Yngvi), who was revered as a god of fertility and prosperity. This connection highlights the rune qualities that nurture and safeguard growth.

If you’re trying to have a baby or are newly pregnant, wearing this rune or keeping it in your space is a great way to ensure a healthy baby and protect against fertility issues.


Thurisaz, often represented by a thorn or a giant figure, embodies defense and reactive force. Similar to how a thorn shields a rose, invoking Thurisaz can establish a barrier that repels energies and intentions.

If you’re dealing with a particularly heavy energy or someone with very ill intentions, this is the rune you need in order to adequately protect yourself. In Norse mythology, this rune is associated with Thor, the god of thunder, further emphasizing its ability to offer protection.

Thurisaz Rune
Thurisaz – Elder Futhark – Spells8 Course


Tiwaz symbolizes courage, victory, and warrior-like attributes. By aligning oneself with the energies of Tiwaz, individuals can fortify their defenses.

Remain steadfast against adversarial forces. It is worth noting that Tiwaz is connected to Tyr in Norse mythology, a deity associated with law and heroic glory, symbolizing the sacrifice for good and community protection.

Wearing this rune helps protect you against feelings of doubt, fear, or anxiety and propels you to success in the face of adversaries.

What Are The Best Ways to Use Norse Runes for Protection?

Runes transmute energy, and wearing them or keeping them in your space daily is a powerful way to access their powers of protection. If you’re new to runes, simply keeping one in your pocket can work wonders for you energetically. Here are a few more ideas.

  • You can wear a rune as a necklace or as an amulet and charge it with your energies and intentions throughout the day.
  • Many people incorporate rune symbols into art around their homes or even wear these symbols on items of clothing.
  • Lastly, meditating on specific Norse runes for protection symbols is a powerful way to draw its protective energies into your life. See the symbol in your mind’s eye and see it grow and expand throughout your space.

Whether you’re looking for energetic protection against negative intent, shielding from your own anxiety or fears, or assistance in fertility protection, runes are a wonderful tool that you can use every day.

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