Runes for Love: What, When and How to Use Them

Love is one of the most powerful emotions that humans are capable of experiencing. As a result, it should not come as a surprise that many ancient ceremonies are connected to it. On some level, every single person has a deep-seated need to be loved. Those who have already gone through it are not likely to back out of the experience now that they have had it.

Unfortunately, many individuals in love lack reciprocal feelings from their spouse. Rune magick, which is founded on ancient knowledge, may come to the rescue in such instances. One of the most potent varieties of such magick is made up of multiple runes linked in a unique way — these are called Bind Runes. Each rune plays a special function resulting in a highly efficient combination.

Runes for love were thought to be one of the most potent instruments for resolving various issues for a considerable amount of time. You can do everything you set your mind to, even having a successful love life, provided you apply them effectively. Each of the runes of love has the power to bring genuine emotions into your life.

Your personal life can vastly improve with the assistance of these ancient symbols, and you will never again have to worry about difficulties in your relationships. Their magick will help in searching for a companion, igniting desire, and keeping the emotions already present alive.

There is nothing complicated about runology; even someone who is just starting out can comprehend the mysteries represented by the symbols. In this post, you will discover how the runes are employed for love, which rune removes obstacles to love, and which rune brings people back together again in their hearts.

The Best Runes for Love

Wunjo – Wynn

Also known as Wynn in the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem, Wunjo encompasses the feelings of bliss that a person has when surrounded by people they love. It encompasses community, love, friendship, and a happy home. When we are surrounded by joy, bliss, and the people we love, it is easier to forget our sorrows. Our suffering is lessened, if not completely removed, when we are in the presence of those we love. This rune cannot remove our pain, but it reminds us that we don’t have to face the world alone. Our burdens can be carried by those we love, and their burdens can become ours. It is a reminder that joy comes from our communities, our family, and our partner.


Bliss he enjoys who knows not suffering, sorrow nor anxiety,
and has prosperity and happiness and a good enough house.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem


The rune Gebo relates to love in terms of gifts. When we are in love, or seeking love, one thing we must learn is to give freely of ourselves. We also learn to reciprocate. When we are given a gift it is often expected that we return the favor. In terms of love and relationships, this rune encompasses the balance that one seeks in a romantic relationship.

In the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem, Gebo is also known as Gyfu. The stanza for Gebo details how generosity is honorable and supports one’s dignity. If we are not generous in our quest for love, if we do not give out love as much as we want love in return, then finding a partner will be a difficult process. Gebo seeks to bring in the balance of love, compassion, and generosity to a relationship.


Generosity brings credit and honour, which support one’s dignity;
it furnishes help and subsistence
to all broken men who are devoid of aught else.
Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem


Love and relationships is about bounty and harvest. That is exactly what Jera, also known as Ger, encompasses. Some words commonly associated with Jera include cycles, harvest, and timing. With the connection to harvest and abundance, Jera can also be associated with fertility, both in a metaphorical and literal way.

Jera can be used when looking to start a family, have children, and reap the benefits of being a partnership. This rune also encompasses reward for following cycles. It encompasses a peaceful home, an abundant life, and a happy family.


Summer is a joy to men, when God, the holy King of Heaven,
suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruits
for rich and poor alike.
Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem


This rune’s primary function is to point you in the right direction on your spiritual journey and strengthen your connection to higher spiritual forces. It can help you get inspired, make important connections, and communicate effectively. It is said to be connected to Odin, that his gift to the first humans was the breath of life. This connection to Odin and breath is what connects Ansuz to communication and, in the grand scheme of relationships, love and partnership.

If you are seeking a loving and healthy relationship, you will also be looking for a partner that can communicate with you in the way you need. This rune can help open the pathway for communication between you and someone you are interested in.

Ansuz may also provide pleasure and happiness in love and can assist in re-establishing communication and a connection with a loved one after an argument. It may help you overcome shyness, develop relationships, restore the process of energy flow in your body, discover inspiration, and even begin a new chapter in your life.


The mouth is the source of all language,
a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men,
a blessing and a joy to every knight.
Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem


When looking for a partner in life, one thing you might need to find is confidence. Look to Sowilo, also known as Sigel and Sol, to help you encompass confidence and radiance in your life. This rune is tied directly to the Sun as that is its literal meaning. It is a rune of guidance, radiance, warmth, and confidence. It can help you transform your thoughts into actions!

Sowilo is also a rune of enlightenment. This rings true in many ways but can be an important part of your search for love. If you don’t know what you want from a partner yet, enlist the help of Sowilo to boost your confidence and guide you forward on the right path.


The sun is ever a joy in the hopes of seafarers
when they journey away over the fishes’ bath,
until the courser of the deep bears them to land.
Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

How to Use Runes for Love

Before using the runes in magic, especially magic to draw love to you, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want. Do you want a long-term romantic relationship? Are you looking for a short-term fling, just someone to spend time with? These questions need to be considered carefully before crafting your spell with runes.

As Sigils

Sigils are symbols that are created with a specific intention in mind. They are then added to spells, drawn in the air, and used as petitions. You can use runes for magick the same way you use sigils. Draw them on your body before a date, add them to your spells for love, and charge them with your energy and wishes.

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As Bindrunes

A bind rune is a rune that has been crafted using two or more runes put together. They are easy to craft using the combination of meanings, correspondences, and intentions of the caster. They can then be used in the same way that sigils are. For example, if you were looking to craft a bind rune to protect your family, you may consider combining Algiz with Ingwaz and Othala.

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These can be placed in any direction or repeated in terms of position allowing you to create a personal rune for your specific purpose in love. A great way to also keep your privacy around your intention.

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