Sacred Blessings Prayer Spell

Sacred Blessings: Prayer Spell to Bless a Person 🕊️

This easy blessing spell shrouds either yourself or someone else in soothing energy. The words of the blessing prayer channel your magic to bless the recipient with good fortune, health, and overall well-being 😊✨

While it is recommended that new casters first learn the basics in Spellcasting 101, this spell is beginner-friendly and is suitable for both those new to casting and seasoned witches alike.

Why this Spell Works

  • White candles are used in magic to bring clarity and clear up energy. They are purifying, cleansing, and protective– the ideal color for a blessing! You can learn more about the magickal meanings of candle colors in Candle Magic 101.
  • Feathers correspond with the Element Air and are often used to imbue spellwork with this force of nature. In this spell, the feather grants the recipient release from their burdens and the purity of a bird soaring freely in flight.
  • There is incredible power in Names– as a name is representative of the person themselves. By including a name (whether it is a Magickal Name, given name, or chosen personal name), you are personalizing the spell and ensuring that the blessing reaches its intended recipient.

Sacred Blessings: Prayer Spell to Bless a Person 🕊️

Recipe by Bry Wisteria “TheTravelWitch”

A simple blessing that can be done on yourself or someone else. This spell blesses the recipient with good fortune, health, and overall well-being.


  • 1 White candle

  • 1 Feather of any color


  • Begin by lighting the white candle.
  • Take the feather and hold it with your hands open and palms facing upwards.
  • Chant the prayer as you visualize warm light and clean air circling around you. If this blessing is for yourself, hold the light close to you. If you are blessing someone else, imagine sending the light to them on the wind.Sacred Blessings Chant
  • Allow the candle to burn freely until the flames go out.
  • Carry the feather with you, gift it to the person you blessed, or keep it in a safe place ch as on your altar.
  • If anything happens to the feather (such as being lost or ruined), know that it has done its job and it is time to re-cast the blessing spell.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell
  • As with all fire magic involving candles, please remember to keep Candle Casting Safety in mind!

While blessings invite positive energy and can be considered as low-level protective work, you may also consider following this blessing with Protective Spells to further fortify your spiritual defenses 🛡️

Print it!

This PDF version can be printed and added to your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. To continue making your sacred book, check out more printable grimoire pages.

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  1. Hello dear Francisco, I do not understand the last sentence in the prayer, is the word “mote” used or “most” and what does it mean? Google Translator could not translate it.

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