Red Candle Spells: Root Chakra + Fire Element in Action

What does a red candle mean in Witchcraft?

Burning a red candle has the power to invoke the Fire Element in a ritual or spell. This energy is intense, enthusiastic and transformative, 🔥 which makes it the best candle for protection, purification, love and strength.

A red candle symbolizes passion, courage, and strong emotions. Keep reading below. Jump to Red Candle Spells.

Release Red Candle Meditation


Light a red candle during this meditation.

Essential oils: Cinnamon, Neroli, Cedarwood.

Crystals: Lava Stone, Tiger’s Eye, Fire Agate.

Chakra: Root Chakra.

Audio Meditation

Invoking Fire with Red Candle Spells 🔥

The Fire Element is associated with the South, gold, volcanos, and the Sun. It represents heat, warmth, protection, benevolence, and destruction. People have worshiped and feared fire since the beginning of times. This duality is useful for a variety of magical works. Now that we know what the red candle means, let’s see some easy red candle Magic spells, meditations and rituals.

Red Candle for Protection

Burn a red candle and light some protective incense or dried herbs, such as:

Cast a spell for protection or work with one of these pagan devotionals:

Fire Element for Purification

Fire is the quickest and easiest way to purify a tool or object. Its destructive qualities symbolize the removal and transformation of stagnant energies.

Burning incense is a simple way to purify the air. The best herbs for purification and cleansing are: Cinnamon, Lavender, and Rosemary.

Red Candles in Love Spells 💖

Fire is an elemental tool to awaken emotions, impulse and strength. Red candles are often used in love spells to add a fiery passion, energy and vitality to a relationship. These love spells with red candles can be enhanced with a red candle meditation:

Fire Element for Strength ⚡

As an energy amplifier, fire can connect with the masculine energy associated with the Sun. During a spell or meditation for creativity, you can light a red candle and ask for strength. Alternatively, write whatever is blocking your mind on a piece of paper and burn it with a red candle.

These Solar deities can accompany in your quest for strength and inspiration:

Spiritual Meaning of the Red Candle

The meaning of burning a red candle has long been associated with ceremonies and rituals of love. Because red is the color of the heart and blood – vital organs in our bodies – it symbolizes energy, vibrancy and spark. ✨

The red candle is also connected to health and physical strength. The energy of the red candle protects the whole body, especially focusing on the sexual organs and head.

What is the red candle used for in Magic?

Its meaning in Witchcraft is closely linked to love spells because it has the power to regenerate and reactivate something that is stagnant or dead, such as a lost relationship. Red candles in spells for love are very powerful because they awaken sexual energies that promote passionate love.

Red candle meaning in Magic

Red is synonymous with love and sensuality, so it’s usually considered the best color candle for love spells. However, red can attract all kinds of positive energy such as motivation and creativity.

When to light a red candle

Light a red candle when chanting a prayer or spell to gain lucidity and inspiration in any aspect of your life. Red candles are also great for adding an element of fast action to any ritual. Whether it’s for a competition, a big challenge or ambitions, a red candle can increase your life force, survival instinct and willpower. 💪

When you light a red candle focus on awakening this sexual energy, passion and physical health, as it will provides you with incredible power for any goal you set. Red candles also have a destructive aspect, and can be used to arouse anger, contempt, and the courage to face and defeat enemies.

If you identify with the Fire Element, or the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, do not hesitate to light red candles in your home or bedroom everyday. Bookmark the Daily Candle Ritual ⭐

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Red Candles: In Summary

The meaning of the red candle in general is to provide energy, passion, willpower and strength to any intention or situation.

Red candles represent blood, sex, fertility and courage. Burning a red candles during a spell of Magic invites passion in relationships, and also a burning sexual desire. Remember that these candles are perfect to kindle a passionate love rather than a romantic one. If you are casting a spell for a serious, long-term relationship, try using a pink candle instead.


  1. Janelle Bemis

    Does it say that the Fire element is associated with the direction North? I totally get if it was a mistake or maybe there is some information I have yet to learn! 🙂
    I’ve come to know North Earth, East Air, South Fire, and West Water.

    • Francisco Huanaco

      You are correct, Janelle! I’ve fixed it. Thanks for noticing!
      In Western Esotericism, the correspondences are like you mentioned:
      – The Great Eastern Quadrangle of Air
      – The Great Western Quadrangle of Water
      – The Great Northern Quadrangle of Earth
      – The Great Southern Quadrangle of Fire

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