Wiccan Friendship Spell

‘Reconnect’: A Friendship Charm Spell with Cloves

If you have a friend with whom you have lost contact, then this candle ritual is for you: A spell for the return of a friendship. Keep in mind that this is not a spell to rekindle a lost romance, but an old platonic friendship.🧡 It will help you reconnect and restart your relationship with your lost friend, wherever they may be.

How this Spell Works

Easy Friendship Spell Bag
Easy Friendship Spell Bag

  • Cloves: Because cloves raise the vibrational energy of an area, they are often used to bring a sense of kinship to a gathering. They help to keep good friends close and ward off enemies. Learn more about cloves here.
  • Sea salt 🧂 is an excellent purifying and protective agent that is used for sterilization and preservation of food. Because of this, spiritual traditions all over the world recognized salt’s powers for purification, luck and protection. (For this spell, you could use other types of salt such as Epsom salt or pink salt).
  • Burning a candle 🕯️ will symbolize the rekindling of the lost connection with your friend and reconciliation. As explained in the Candle Spells Guide, both pink and orange candles can work for harmonizing bonds of friendship.

'Reconnect': A Friendship Spell with Cloves

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Start the reconnection process with an old friend using a bit of Kitchen Magic! This easy spell will bring back a friendship with a little candle burning ritual.


  • 7 cloves

  • 1 pink or orange candle

  • Sea salt

  • Pen and paper

  • Pink roses (optional)

  • Pouch or sachet bag (optional)

How to cast the friendship spell

  • Light the candle on your altar or work bench.
  • Write your full name and your friend's full name on the paper.
  • Put the cloves and 1 tablespoon of sea salt on top of it.
  • Take a deep breath, and think of a pleasant memory that the two of you shared. Keep this memory in your mind, alive and bright, and point your index finger towards the paper as you exhale. You can use your wand for this too. Feel the joyous energy of that memory pouring onto the paper through your finger or wand.
  • Chant the following spell:Friendship spell
  • Add the pink roses (optional) or any other healing herbs that you have at hand.
  • Meditate on your friendship for a while and when you're ready, blow out the candle sending your petition into the universe.
  • Fold the paper several times and bury it at the foot of an old tree. Optionally, you can put it in a pouch or bag and give it to your friend if you're still in touch, or bury it in your own garden / flowerpot.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this spell.

Note: If you’re a beginner, it may not be a good idea to cast spells using other people’s names without their consent. This leads to a slippery slope where we end up manipulating other’s free will. Learn more about responsible spellcasting here.

Feel free to adapt the chant to your specific needs. After you finish casting the spell, you can dispose of any leftovers such as candle wax or herbs in the waste or compost as you say Thank you.

Learn more about the Magickal and Medicinal Properties of Herbs 🌿 in the Green Witch Video Course (Free!)

🍯 You can also use honey for the reconciliation of a friendship with a sweetening spell.

Printable Friendship Spell 📄

Log in to download these pages or explore the free printable grimoire pages. This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows.

Spell to get back a lost friendship

Healing a Broken Friendship 🙌

If you’re making this friendship charm with hopes of mending mistakes of the past, you have my encouragement! It is never too late to restore an old friendship but it can take time, patience and the desire to get it back. If you have these three things, then go ahead!

Stop and think. Take some time to think carefully about what separated the two of you, if anything bothered you, and what might have bothered the other party. Keep in mind what is important to you and what is not so important.

Be clear about what you want. If the goal is to reconciliate the friendship, you may need to take a gentle approach, with the intention of and talking things over.

Prepare a message. Think how you will tell the person that you want to meet or talk about things. If it’s been a long time, you can write something like, “I think it’s been enough time for things to calm down and we can talk.”

Give them time for explanations or discussion. Allow time for the other party to explain themselves, give their point of view and express how they have experienced the situation.

Give time. Broken friendships take time to heal. Confidence does not recover from one day to the next.

Sometimes, in the pursuit of friendship, we must give up something of equal value. Good Luck and Many Blessings!

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Easy Friendship Spell
Easy Friendship Spell

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