Diana Devotional

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Light a white candle during this devotional.

Incense for Diana:

Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood.

Offerings to Diana:

Bread, Fresh Fruit, Rue, Vervain, Mirrors, Clay figures.

Diana is the Roman Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt. She has the aspect of a maiden, a venerable virgin and extremely beautiful. Goddess of nature, protector of mountains and forests as well as wild animals such as the deer.

The cult to Diana began during the times of the ancient Romans, and evolved alongside pagan and nature-based cults in Italy where she was frequently venerated as the protector of witches.

Diana’s Worship Song

Devotional text

In Diana’s strength secure,

we’ll sing our song to Her.

As becomes a chorus of pure youths and maidens.

Child whom all revere.

Born of Jove without a peer,

And Latona before you near the Delian olive.

She meant that you would gain

green woods as your domain,

all mountainous terrain, dark groves, and rivers.

To laboring mothers your name is Lucina,

but you are the same as Crossroads and Luna,

whose fame is borrowed light.

Your monthly cycles divide the course of the year.

You guide the farmer’s harvest

inside his rustic buildings.

By any name you crave

be blest and may you save

Roman wealth.

O Diana, This prayer is an acknowledgment

that my soul is complete in your Love and your Grace.

In your generous hands I place my request,

Knowing that you only want what is best for my destiny.

With your bow and arrow you guide me,

And teach me to give and receive your love.

You cleanse my spirit of all emotional poison

and all judgment, to live in peace and love.

I now explore my relationships,

I take risks and do not fear anything.

I strengthen my will to forgive myself in this very moment.

I choose to accept myself as I am, with all my feelings,

hopes and dreams, with my identity and singularities.

I accept my body as it is, in all its beauty and perfection.

The love I feel for myself is so strong

that I can never deny or obstruct my happiness, my freedom.

Under a crescent moon, or a blue sky,

I walk with you, and in you I trust.

In Diana’s strength secure,

we’ll sing our song to her,

as becomes a chorus of pure youths and maidens.

As a shining stag swept through the sky,

And the chase of the goddess were up, on high.

But be this as it may, in sooth,

It is only in the pursuit of Truth,

That the Soul shall overtake and possess

The most exalted Happiness.

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