Wiccan Love Spell for Monday

Wiccan Magic Love Spell: Attract Love with Candle Magic

Attract love into your life with this powerful ritual and love chant. 💗

Why this spell works

  • The Red candle is used to attract passionate love, the Orange candle is used for attraction and success and the White candle symbolizes positive energy and lighting the path.
  • The Flowers and Spices 🌹 listed here each have their own magical properties which, combined with your intention, will aid in attracting love.

Wiccan Magic Love Spell: Attract Love with Candle Magic

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

To reinforce this spell, light a Red Candle every Monday night and meditate focusing on your love life.



  • Place the candles on your altar in the shape of an inverted triangle: The White candle closest to you, the Red candle on the left and the Orange on the right
  • Gently remove the petals off the Roses and arrange them around each candle
  • Lay the Cinnamon sticks between the Orange and Red candles joining them together
  • Place the 3 Lilacs in the center of the triangle
  • Light the candles. As you light them, visualize what true love is for you. Picture in your mind how you imagine this great love will come to your life. Have a clear and as detailed picture as possible.
  • Stand up and hold your hands together in front of you. Keep thinking about the person or relationship you want and say this spell aloud:
    “I shape my world as I persevere,
    I’m open to a love that is true and sincere.”
  • Use the pen and paper to make a list of the qualities you are looking for in that special person. Be specific and detailed. Write as much or as little as you want but make it clear and to the point.
  • When you are happy with this list of ideal qualities, fold the paper towards you and place it inside the envelope.
  • Seal the envelope with a drop of candlewax from each candle. Add a few drops of your perfume on top of the envelope.
  • Blow out the candles and put the envelope under your pillow for one night. Then keep it under your mattress/bed.
    Wait at least 14 days to see results.


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Wiccan Love Spell

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