Orange Candle Spiritual Properties

Orange Candles: Their Magickal Uses & Spiritual Properties

Orange candles are used in spells for courage, stimulation, and attraction. They promote positive thinking, justice, courage, and change.

Since ancient times, candle magic and rituals have been a great way to harness the energy, cast spells and do manifestation work. In this article we will explore the spiritual properties of orange candles and their uses in spells.

Orange candle meaning in Magic

In candle magic, the color of the candle plays an important role in how the energy plays out. The right color can help strengthen the intention of the spell caster by syncing it to the right vibrational energy allowing it to gain more power.

In Paganism, Wicca and the realm of spiritual color magic has always been an important part of the process. While science may have discovered color theory in recent years, ancients already knew of this power through tradition. Color magic itself has existed far back centuries in the knowledge of the Egyptians, Chinese and Indians who applied practices of healing.

Orange as a color as always been worn to gain benefit from its energy. It is said to bring quick action, boost energy, and bring success and pleasure.

Meaning of the Color Orange

Orange candles are especially powerful around Samhain

Orange is a color which combines the energy of yellow and red to bring forward the best of both worlds. Yellow brings forward mental agility that is powered through the action-oriented energy of red. Together they bring extroverted energy of force, revitalization, endurance, luck and pleasure.

This hue once activated starts to affect the vibrations in its surroundings. Orange candles attract a lot of quick, swift energy that can be used in spell work, psychic readings, and prayer work.

How to Use Orange Candles

Orange candles have many uses and here are some examples of their spiritual properties:

1. Clearing Creativity Blocks

If you’ve had writer’s block lately and things are not flowing in your life, this candle helps ignite your creativity again. Especially strong if combined with an amber stone, an orange candle provides clarity when you are feeling stuck, allowing you to better concentrate and focus on inventing something. It will help you connect with your imagination.

Orange pomander candle
Orange pomander candle

2. Adding Play and Joy Back Into The Picture

If your life is going dull or not up to your satisfaction, orange candles are great for manifesting pleasure. They contain the element of fire and can enhance the energy of any situation. Lighting an orange candle is ideal for manifestation work especially when it comes to attracting joy. This color is also great for relationships that need to have their spark ignited so they can stay interesting and enjoyable.

3. Securing the Sacral Chakra

Orange candles also hold the same color as our sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is our sixth chakra and is in charge of our sensuality, our creativity and our relationship with joy and our inner child. It should be no surprise then that orange candles are used to enhance this chakra meaning they feed directly into these channels of our flow and creative nature. These candles can heal our chakra and increase its drive.

Book of Shadows: Candle Magic

Orange candles represent strength and courage. Whether you are looking to manifest more positive energy or heal from a traumatic event, orange candles can be a powerful tool in your spells and rituals.

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages and Moon Journaling Ideas.

4. Connecting With Zodiac & Symbolism

This color also connects to fire itself which makes it a representative of Fire signs when working on rituals. To be more detailed, orange candles represent Leo or Sagittarius in the zodiac. Orange is also associated with the direction of the south and Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and fertility. In terms of planets, this color is linked to Mercury and Mars.

5. Re-Energizing You and Your Situation

If you’re feeling low and want to revitalize your energy then orange candles should be your first pick. If you feel like life has been stagnant and you’ve been unable to move forward, this is one of your cues to manifest fast-moving forward action. Orange candles help freshen up the energy of any situation that has been blocked, allowing us another chance at succeeding.

Orange color also contains the color for vitality which is great for boosting your confidence in difficult situations. They hold the power to increase your range of energy and in consequence your willpower too, as you have a larger pool of mental energy to draw on when faced with conflicts. This is why they say burning an orange candle can attract success.

Spells with Orange Candles

Legal Blessings Spell

A simple orange candle spell to win a court case using bay leaves, paper, and the aid of a deity such as Hecate. Win a lawsuit or get a court case dismissed with a little magickal help.

Full Wolf Moon Spell

Awaken and manifest the energy of the wolf with this ritual. Dress an orange candle with some anointing oil, and chant a spell for the Full Wolf Moon of January.

Wiccan Love Spell with Candles

This powerful love spell uses three candles: an orange, a red, and a white one. You will also need some flowers, an envelope and your favorite perfume.

How To Strengthen An Orange Candle’s Power?

While burning an orange candle will help you attract what you need there are many ways to further heighten the candle’s energy. A common practice is to use the fruit orange with your orange candles in your practice. 🍊

Another practice to enhance the energy is to dress the candle with essential oil and then roll it over herbs to add further adorning qualities to the magic. You can ground your intentions into the candle by engraving a sigil or symbols to go with your spell but most of all the best way to get an orange candle you connect with is to simply make one yourself.

You can take your time using beeswax and coloring to make your hue of orange to set a perfect personal candle.

What Is The Most Effective Time To Use Orange Candles?

Orange candles are best to burn on Wednesdays, but also Sundays, as it represents the sun, or to use in rituals where you can time them according to when the sun rises or dips below the horizon. In terms of occasions, these candles are best burnt during the holidays of Samhain with Halloween, Lammas, and Mabon in the autumn harvest season.

See also: Black and Orange Candle Ritual for Samhain 🎃

Orange candles hold the energy for abrupt change so they are best for times you want a quicker change in your circumstances. However, these candles can be used according to your needs to add life back to your world at whatever time you wish without fail.


  1. Lori J landon

    This is my go to site for important things. I use so many of the things that are discussed. My daily reading seems to be spot on

  2. Hello, what moon phase can I burn an Orange candle? I have black to release all negativity during the waning moon ( I think?)

    • You can burn an orange candle during any moon phase. The phase of the moon can determine the type of spell you’re doing, but burning an orange candle by itself can be done any time.

  3. Hi please tell me if I have to do anything to close the ritual after so that I don’t attract any unwanted energy? Thanks

    • It’s very common to close the ritual with closing the circle if you have cast one. If not, you can end the ritual in whatever way you’d like. Some witches don’t have specific closing practices while others do.

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