Phantom Water

Phantom Water: Meaning of Feeling Water Drops on your Skin

Have you ever awakened to the feeling of a drop of water hitting your skin? It feels so cold and real that it startles you awake – but as you instinctively try to wipe it away – it’s gone. You’re not alone. Reports of unexplained water droplets, sometimes associated with paranormal activity or spiritual significance, are surprisingly abundant. But what do these phantom water droplets mean exactly? From tales tying them to visits from departed loved ones to theories about banishing negative energy or divine blessings coming into fruition, today we tackle the unique phenomena commonly known as “phantom water droplets” and explore their possible meanings.

Phantom Water Droplets – What Are They?

Phantom water droplets are a phenomenon in which a person experiences the feeling of a cold drop of water hitting their skin. However, when that person goes to wipe the water away, they quickly discover that there is none to be found. Some even report that the sensation lingers on their skin long after the alleged initial contact. But, having no physical proof of this experience can leave many scratching their heads.

A person may experience the sensation of phantom water drops while asleep or wide awake. Mediums, empaths, and people who are more spiritually aligned may be more susceptible to experiencing phantom water drops.

These ghostly droplets may seem to rain down from above, but in some cases, witnesses have reported water droplets that completely defy gravity – floating upwards or flying from one side of the room to the next.

Such was true for the case of Don Decker, also known as the “Rain Man” of Stroudsburg, who was blamed for a harrowing event witnessed by several family friends and police officers who were called to the scene.

When officers arrived, they observed vast amounts of water flying through the room and dripping from the walls with no discernible cause. Decker believes the event to be paranormal in nature, having occurred shortly after the death of his grandfather. He also claims to have been attacked by an unseen force moments before the phantom water droplets began to fill the home.

Witnesses claim that Decker caused the incident and was capable of summoning streams of water at will. The case was so strange that it was featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

What Does It Mean If You Experience Phantom Water Droplets?

Experiencing phantom water drops can signify that an otherworldly entity is near. While it may seem scary at first, this phenomenon is often experienced by a person whose spirit guides are trying desperately to contact them or get their attention.

Water is a conduit between the physical and spiritual worlds. When a spirit guide (or other entity) is feeling overly emotional(i.e. pride, joy, or even wrath in regard to the work that you are doing here on the physical plane), this can manifest physically in the form of phantom water droplets.

When this happens, it’s very likely that a spirit guide or entity is trying to contact you. Once you have determined that this is indeed the cause, there are a few ways to determine the message that your guide is trying to send you. Be wary – not all spirits who reach out are exactly who or what they say they are.

How To Tell If A Spirit Is Malevolent:

  1. Insects, spiders, or other wildlife naturally flee from its presence. Spirits who do not mean us harm will also appear less frightening to the creatures who surround us. If it seems that local wildlife is avoiding a specific location or presence, then there is a chance that they are sensing some ill intent.
  2. Items go missing inexplicably. This is another sign that a spirit does not mean well. While this practice is considered common for fae-like spirits, it can also indicate the presence of a powerful spirit trying to get your attention.

It’s important to remember that your spirit guides mean the best for you – and wouldn’t go around hiding things that you need (unless they are doing so to protect you, such as hiding your keys during a snowstorm, for example). When this occurs frequently to items you know couldn’t have gone missing any other way, it’s safe to assume this entity isn’t trying to help you.

  1. Pungent smells. Powerful entities may even carry strong, unpleasant odors (like sulfur and decay).

All in all, it is clear that phantom water drops have a deeper meaning than we can see on the surface. While they may trigger discomfort or fear for those who experience it, there are other significant facets to consider, such as the relation to spiritual growth, divine guidance, and healing. That said, you can never know what lies beyond the veil, so always take time to determine if an entity is a guide or one that means you harm before attempting contact.

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