How To Send Healing Energy To Someone

Have you ever wondered how to send positive energy to someone that you care about? When life gets hard or someone you know is dealing with a traumatic event, it can start to feel pretty hopeless. What can you do when there’s nothing that you can physically do – when thoughts and prayers seem like all you can offer?

If you feel very strongly about something, you can send energy to someone to help them heal or deal with their current situation.

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How is this possible? Although intangible, our thoughts and emotions are powerful energetic forces that have a real impact in the tangible world. Furthermore, all living creatures are interconnected through the same energetic source that provides light to all things.

By tapping into this shared source, you can use it to manipulate the world around you and project your energy to others, even from afar. Try using this visualization meditation to send positive energy to someone.

Healing Meditation to Send Positive Energy

Before you begin:

Set your intention. Do you wish to help someone deal with their mental health struggles, help them to stick to healthy habits, or heal a specific physical ailment? Choose your intention and select the specific person that you would like to receive your energy. Refer to this intention throughout your visualization or whenever your mind begins to wander.

Create a relaxing environment. Set out candles and dim the lights, burn incense, and create a comfortable space to sit, if you so choose.

Music & Aesthetic Lofi For Witches
Music & Aesthetic Lofi For Witches

If you’re able, play a solfeggio frequency to assist in your healing intention. For example, listening to 528 Hz is said to have a healing effect on the physical body, while 852 Hz may help you to form positive thoughts and awaken your highest self.

If you don’t have access to recordings of these frequencies, you can put on some calming, quiet music or white noise to set the mood – nothing too distracting.

Cleanse your space. Make sure your area is free from unwanted energy by burning incense, smudging, or performing a sound bath.

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Meditation to Send Positive Energy to Someone

  1. Take a few deep, full breaths in and out. Relax, clear your mind, and focus on your breathing. In, and out. Continue for a few moments until you’ve reached a place of calm.
  2. Bring your intention to the front of your mind. Picture the person you would like to receive your energy and the energy you intend to send. Throughout this meditation, you can refer back to your intention if your mind begins to wander.
  3. Close your eyes. Take notice of a bright light encircling you from all around. Imagine that this light is full of positive, healing energy.
  4. Next, you are going to harness that energy. Pull it in from around you – yes, with your hands. Visualize this healing energy all around and within you.
  5. Using your hands, mold the energy into a ball, much like you would form a snowball. Imagine the light coursing through you, traveling down your arms, through your fingertips, and coursing into the energy ball as it grows.
  6. While you hold the energy ball, refer back to your intention. Think deeply about the person that you would like to heal, and what you would like to help them with. Imagine all your positive intent flowing into the orb, growing larger as it grows stronger.
  7. When you can feel the energy surging through your fingertips, your orb is powerful enough to send to its recipient. Release it into the universe, and visualize it reaching the person you’d like to heal. Imagine their body absorbing the orb, and the positive energy flowing throughout them.
  8. Finally, visualize the recipient in their healed form – happy, healthy, and spirited. Imagine that this person is embodying their highest state of being and all that it entails.
  9. Finish your meditation with your favorite grounding ritual.

Remember that this method should not be used in place of medical treatment. If you or a loved one is suffering, be sure to seek out a medical professional first. Once that process has been started, then you can use these methods to amplify those effects.

Green Candle Grounding Meditation
Green Candle Grounding Meditation

Tips for Sending Positive Energy

  • This transfer of energy can take a lot out of you so be sure to rest up, have some snacks, and stay hydrated after performing such a powerful ritual.
  • Be sure to take care of your body. You need to be in good health both physically and spiritually to perform this ritual safely and effectively.
  • To ensure your ritual is most effective, make sure your energy is coming from a place of love and positivity. Harboring negative emotions during this meditation can dampen or otherwise hinder the result.

Sending healing energy to someone you care about can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Try this guided meditation and don’t forget to check out these other resources, too.

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