What is Hexing?

Hexing Basics: What Does Being Hexed Mean?

Hexing is a common term used within the witchcraft community. If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering, “What is a hex exactly?“. It’s important to understand what a hex is, what being hexed means, how to hex, and how to remove a hex from yourself. This article will explore what a hex is, the potential dangers in performing them, alternatives to hexing, and how to cast or remove a hex.

What is a hex?

Everything in the universe is energy. Each of us carries our own energy fields, as do objects and places. These energy fields can be manipulated, infiltrated, and can absorb energy. A hex is an energetic influence placed upon a person, place, or thing to create a negative experience. There are many ways to accomplish a hex, but the most common way is through spell-work. Hexes are a form of baneful magick and are more commonly used than commonly known.

A hex can change the overall energy field or add an energy attachment to the field with a specific intention. Someone who’s been hexed may experience unfavorable events unfold in their lives. These experiences can be mental disturbances, physical ailments, emotional turmoil, or aspects of their lives becoming more negative.

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The Morality of Hexing

From a universal perspective, there is no right or wrong. Everything in the universe exists because someone or something is an energetic match to it. There are beneficial or un-beneficial choices and experiences, and this is how you should evaluate whether or not you should perform a hex.

Be honest with yourself about what you’ll gain from hexing your target. Will the results be long-lasting and fulfilling. Will they benefit your life or bring justice to someone who wronged you?

Many times, hexing comes from a place of anger, rage, revenge, and unforgiveness. While these feelings are natural, they are often fleeting. Always give yourself enough time to decide if hexing is right for you in a particular situation.

Your beliefs around the threefold law will also play a role in whether or not you should practice hexing. Your beliefs are powerful and if you believe that hexing is morally wrong, you may subconsciously create a “punishment” by doing so. Being neutral and viewing life as neither good nor bad will help you perform a hex without repercussions.

Potential Dangers of Hexing

If you are casting a hex through your own power, you must invest some of your own energy into the hex. If you aren’t aware of how to do this without allowing this negative energy to affect your own, it may not benefit you to perform one. There are ways to raise yourself out of this state once you’ve finished your spell-work, but sometimes this negative energy will linger in your energy field. If you perform a hex, it’s important to cleanse before and after and perform a protection spell for your own energetic safety.

Alternatives to Hexing

While there is nothing technically wrong with hexing, there may be other options that will be more beneficial for you.

Binding – This type of spell prevents your target from doing harm or sending out negativity into the world. If you only wish to prevent someone from wreaking havoc in your life without negatively impacting theirs, this is a route to go. Freezer spells are very simple ways to bind someone.

Forgiveness – Learning to ultimately forgive someone or a situation allows you to let go of the pain and suffering from the experience and frees you from its shackles. While hexing can provide some relief or satisfaction, if you are unable to release your own negativity, you won’t be able to ever move on from the situation.

Remedy Spell – People act in monstrous ways when they lack love, fulfillment, acceptance, and connection in their lives. They feel disempowered which causes them to destroy people and experiences in their life. If you have had a negative experience with someone and now wish to hex them, one option is to offer them the healing that will allow them to correct the behavior and prevent them from acting in this way moving forward.

Give Them A Taste of Their Own Medicine – Whether you believe hexing is moral or immoral, most will agree that someone who has done something malicious should rightfully receive back the same energy they’ve put out into the world. This can be done through mirror spells, candle magic, or whatever tools or mediums you feel called to. Intend that your target only receives the energy they put out into the world, and their own actions and behaviors are mirrored back to them in the people and experiences in their life.

How To Do A Hex

There are many ways to perform a hex, and each situation may require something different. Hexes can be performed by using tools containing negative energy or symbolize certain components of your intentions for the target.

A hex is performed similarly to a spell. Your emotions, visualizations, and thoughts should focus on your intention as you try to evoke the energetic state for your target. Anger, rage, hate, depression, pain, suffering, abyss, and power are all states that you’ll want to invest into your hex. When you direct this energy to your target, it will have a powerful effect on their life. See your outcome, feel your outcome, and be your outcome.

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Hex Removal Spell

Now that you’ve learned how to do a hex, it’s also important to understand how to perform a hex removal. Removing a hex from yourself requires cleansing your energy field and learning how to protect it. Salt baths, cleansing herbs, visualization, and general energy cleansing will benefit in removing the negative energy from your field. If you wish to remove a hex that you or someone has cast upon someone or something, you can perform a reversal spell or use the previous methods on them.

Hexing is a powerful tool that should only be used after careful consideration and with caution. Understand the consequences of your actions and the potential challenges that your target will face. Always use your best judgment and listen to your intuition. You have the power to create or destroy, and it’s up to you to decide which choice you’ll make.

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