Candle Spell to Win Court Case

‘Legal Blessings’: Candle Spell to Win a Court Case ⚖️

Winning a trial requires strength. If you feel you could use some extra strength and faith to overcome a complex process, this spell to win a court case can help you.

Keep in mind that this is a ritual for justice. Using Magic can bring a positive outcome as long as you are being truthful and honest with yourself. If you are trying to get an unfair advantage or manipulate the facts, then this spell might not work for you. Keep reading to learn how to cast a spell to win a lawsuit.

Why this Spell Works

  • 🌿 Bay leaves are used for good fortune and success. Wreaths of bay leaves were given to the victors at Pythian games, which were sacred to Apollo. Learn more about Magic with Bay Leaves here.
  • 🧡 Orange candles are frequently used in spells for courage and attraction. They promote positive thinking, justice, courage, and change.
  • 🖤 Black candles offer protection during spellwork, and fight against confusion, injustice, and discord.

If you can’t find an orange candle, you may use a brown or white candle instead. Brown candles are also associated with legal work.

This post does not constitute legal advice and is for informational purposes only. Use a website like Avvo to get legal advice from a lawyer.

Spell to Win a Court Case

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Easy candle spell to win court case with bay leaves, candles and paper. Win a lawsuit or get a court case dismissed with a help of Magic.


  • Bay leaves (dried or fresh)

  • 1 orange candle

  • 1 black candle

  • Pen and paper

How to cast the spell

  • Light the orange candle on your altar. Then the black candle next to it.
  • Focus on what your intentions are. Think of the legal process you are going through, the people involved, the name of the judge, lawyers, or any other information you have about it. Visualize the positive outcomes that you are expecting.
  • Take the piece of paper and write:

    “I ask my Higher Beings to help me win this case and overcome any present and future judicial processes. So mote it be.”

    Alternatively, instead of “Higher Beings”, you may write down any deity or figure that represents justice or victory to you, for example Hecate, Bast, Týr, Apollo, Zeus, St. Michael, or Raguel.
  • Place one or more bay leaves on top of your petition.
  • Place the orange candle on top of the petition and the bay leaves. Leave the black candle burn next to it, a few inches apart.
  • Let both candles burn as you meditate or as you say a prayer for justice. Find guided prayers and meditations below.
  • When you’re ready, snuff out the candles.
  • Do this for everyday until the orange candle has melted completely. Don’t let candles burn unattended!


  • 🖨️ Find a printable version of this spell to win a court case below

Once the trial or court case has ended you can collect and throw the remains in the trash as you say Thanks.

Justice Prayers & Meditations

Printable Spell Recipe 📄

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Find more printable grimoire pages.

Legal Blessings spell

When to cast this spell?

The best time for court case spells is the Waxing Moon 🌔, but you can also do it during a Full Moon. The best day of the week for this justice ritual is Saturday, but you can try it on a different day as well.

What does this spell do?

If you are facing a procedures such as a trial, inheritance, long paperwork, all sorts of blockages and doubts may arise in your mind. These court cases entail financial expenses and energy consumption that can affect you negatively.

Whether it’s a lawsuit or trial, a divorce settlement, a dismissal, or you are getting pensions or compensations, you can cast this spell to win a court case for yourself or for another person as long as you get their permission.

Extra Tips

It is important to do this type of rituals while you are feeling strong and positive 💪, and to visualize and feel that the matter is settled and won. Don’t cast this spell to win a lawsuit if you’re feeling sick, tired, or in a bad mood.

If you need extra strength, try one of these spells and meditations:

To sweeten the judgments against you, you can add some honey to the spell along with mustard seeds. Add them on top of the bay leaves.

If you have faith and believe in Magic ✨, this ritual will help you achieve the best result in your legal case. It could be getting a court case dismissed, winning child custody, or any favorable result you need in a lawsuit or legal issue. Whatever it is, stay safe and stay blessed.

Good luck and Blessings! ⚖️

Spell to Win a Court Case
Candle Spell to Win a Court Case


  1. Is it a crime to do black magic on a person

    • Hello Cynthia!

      The answer to this question is going to depend on where you are in the world. In some places, witchcraft in general is highly illegal. In others, it is frowned upon or not believed at all. You would have to look into your local laws.

  2. Is the downloadable spell spelled correctly? I wasn’t sure if it was higher beings or as it’s written as higher begins. I tried it the other day on a case I am facing of false allegations and it didn’t seem to have an effect.

    • Hello Candace. You’re correct, thank you for pointing that out! It should be “Beings” instead of “Begins”. The PDF will be updated shortly, but the typo has been corrected on the website itself.

  3. Sonia ralphs

    Hi do you know if the orange candle is that you burn it on top of the paper you writen on and let both the candles burn out or do you have to let the black one burn out or take the flame of them both after the spell sorry to ask as just need abit of clarification so i know as never done one before but i do believe in magic and cant wait to do it and what stones or anything i need xxx

    • Hello! The orange candle gets set on top of your petition (the paper you write on) and the black candle gets set off to the side. Let both candles burn while you meditate and visualize the outcome you want. Snuff the candles out when you’re done, and repeat the spell and visualization until the orange candle is gone. Good luck!

  4. Dawn Napier

    What do you do with the paper after the spell is done?

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