Apollo’s Devotional Chant for Inspiration

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Light an orange candle during this devotional.

Incense for Apollo:

Frankincense, Vanilla, Cedar.

Offerings to Apollo:

Bay leaves, Olive oil, Wine, Sunflowers, Sunflower seeds.

Apollo Greek God

In Greek mythology, Apollo is one of the most important and multifaceted Olympian gods.

The ideal of the young beardless, Apollo has been variously recognized as the god of truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, healing, and more. In later times, Apollo became partially equated with Helios, the Sun god. But Apollo and Helios remained separated beings in literary and mythological texts. In Etruscan mythology he was known as Aplu.

Invoke Apollo’s power and bring inspiration, focus, concentration and creativity to your art, your new project or work. Use this chant as a morning ritual prayer, or combine it with a spell for good luck, healing, creativity and more.

Devotional text

Come blessed healer,

Bearing a golden lyre, generative, agrarian, Oracular one,

Wild, radiant divinity, lovely one, glorious son,

Cultivator of joy, whose arrows achieve their aim, mighty archer.

You who achieve from afar, prophet, holy one,

all-seeing eye bringing the light which shines on mortals,

Golden-haired, making clear oracular utterances,

Hear me with gracious soul as I pray on behalf of mankind.

Upon the blessed earth you look from above through the dark of night.

In the restful shadow of a night filled with stars,

You clearly see the root below and you arrange and support the boundary of all:

For the origin and completion are both in your care,   

The cause of the blooming of all things,

with your resonant lyre you command the axis of the heavens,

Placing all in harmony, by which, indeed, you advance to the lowest pitch,

Elsewhere to the highest, at times playing in the Dorian mode,

Tempering all the poles you keep the tribes of living creatures distinct.

Let inspiration come to me.

Support my quest for creativity.

Make my imagination unlimited.

And my mind open to new ideas as I manifest my talents.

Let me surround myself with creative people.

So I can be in touch with my creative source.

Help me release any resistance to fully expressing my creativity.

Give me the time to think, to relax and focus.

Powerful spirit, express yourself in all possible ways.

Let inspiration flow so that I can easily express myself.

My creative work fills you with joy,

And anything can be my source of inspiration.

I promise to always look out for new experiences.

To recognize and overcome my limitations.

If you eliminate all mental blockages, remove barriers,

And any habits that oppress my inspiration.

Dear Apollo, come to me.

You have mingled harmony into the share of all mortal men,   

Giving each an equal measure of winter and summer,

The highest three strings in the winter, the lowest in the summer,

The Dorian mode produces the lovely and blooming spring.

Thereupon the mortals celebrate and call you lord and

Pan, the two-horned God who sends the whistling winds,   

Wherefore you form and bear the seal of the entire Cosmos.

Hear, happy one, the supplicating voices of the initiates and save them.

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  1. Valerie Nicholls

    What do you do if a spell calls for something you don’t have? Should I just substitute for something else? For example if I don’t have dragons blood resin, could I substitute for dragons blood I Incense?

    • Francisco Huanaco

      Hi Valerie,

      Yes, you can do that! In fact, most ingredients can be substituted. It’s important to understand that the tools and ingredients work like triggers for your subconscious to help you direct wavelengths and intentions. They can also add energy, but there are many ways to do so.

      Good luck and Blessed Be!

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