Black Candle: Karmic Balance + Protection

A black candle can banish and repel negative energies. Black is a color that absorbs light so its symbolism has to do with absorbing energies around us and purifying the space. Any type of negativity or toxic vibes around you can be banished by burning a black candle.

This candle also represents the root chakra, increasing your inner strength, endurance, and self-control.

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Light a black candle during this meditation.

Essential oils: Frankincense, Sage.

Crystals: Sapphire, Black tourmaline, or Amethyst

Chakra: Root Chakra

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The Magic of a Black Candle

Burning a black candle can help you clean your auric field and remove negative karma. Because black candles are used to counter bad or negative things, they get frequently associated with Black Magic rituals or with ill-intentioned practitioners. But a black candle is not evil by itself, it is really a protective shield.

If you need to remove any toxic or negative vibes, you can also light a white candle to complement each black you burn, such as a mixture of yin and yang, light and dark. ☯️

Meditations with a Black Candle

Burning a black candle on your altar next to a black tourmaline is a great way to completely banish toxicity from the environment. Follow any of these meditations for the purpose of clearing away negative energy:

Spells with Black Candles

Make a Witch bottle to cast someone away without harming them. For extra protection, seal the jar tightly and burn a black candle on top of the lid. Use these spell recipes as self-defense, to cleanse and protect, and to return the harm done.

Spiritual Meaning of the Black Candle

🖤 Black candles are used as main ingredients in rituals where we want to fight back a curse such as the evil eye. If you feel that someone is projecting envy, or bad intentions, light a black candle.

Black candle meaning in Magic

Black candles also increase inner strength, endurance and self-control, and can even be used in meditation to deepen the unconscious and awaken our consciousness.

When to burn a black candle?

Light a purple candle during your Daily meditation⭐, especially on a Saturday and fill your home with spiritual energy. The best time to burn a black candle for protection, spiritual cleansing is during the morning.

You can Bless an Amulet while burning a black candle to consecrate it with protective power.

If you feel that you are also doing some kind of curse work, black magic or witchcraft on you, counteract it with a black candle.

The best Moon phase to light a black candle is the Last Quarter Moon, a lunar time to cast spells of karmic justice and protection against enemies.

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Black Candles: In Summary

Black candles serve to absorb or remove, banish, and even reverse curses and spells of Witchcraft. Burning a black candle can also help us bring protection against diseases and misfortune.

Light a black candle along with a white candle to help in the process of purification of both your body and home, clearing away all the energies that are not beneficial.


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