Prosperity Oil

Prosperity Oil Recipe: Attract Good Fortune in Abundance!

This Prosperity Oil can be used to anoint candles, tools, talismans and yourself! Use it to write sigils or add it to bath water to attract money ๐Ÿ’ฐ and good luck.๐Ÿ€

Why this Spell Works

  • Anointing oils aid us with a symbolic aspect, which enhances the desired results of our spell work. Anointing oils and their use in magic date back for centuries! Many religions use anointing oils for various reasons. They can be used for blessings, healing, spiritual work and more.
  • The Herbs and Spices listed here each have their own magical properties which, combined with your intention, will aid in attracting prosperous energies.
Prosperity Oil Recipe: Attract Good Fortune in Abundance!

Prosperity Oil Recipe: Attract Good Fortune in Abundance!

Recipe by SilverBear

Use this Prosperity Oil to anoint candles, tools, talismans and yourself! It can be used to draw sigils like the ‘I am Prosperous’ sigil shown above or added to bath water to attract money and good luck.


  • Clean glass jar or bottle

  • Sage, Palo Santo or other Cleansing Incense

  • Carrier oil e.g. Olive, Grapeseed

  • Green glitter (optional)

  • Herbs (and their relevant qualities)
  • Jasmine – Money

  • Patchouli – Prosperity

  • LavenderProsperity, Protection

  • Dragon’s Blood – Purification, Protection, Amplifies Magical Workings

  • Sandalwood – Protection, Manifestation

  • CinnamonMoney, Speeds Up Spells


  • Light some Sage, Palo Santo or other cleansing incense.
  • Ask for the plant spirit blessing, for example:
    “I ask that the plant spirit of Palo Santo please infuse this space with blessings”.
  • Pick up the jar, fan it with the smoke as you say:
    “With this smoke I cleanse this object
    of all negative or harmful energy
    so that I may use it for my highest good.
    So it is said, so shall it be.”
  • Take each ingredient and empower it with your intent.
  • Add the olive oil or another carrier oil.
  • Shake the ingredients together.
  • As you are calling upon the spirits of these sacred plants to support these magical workings, use them wisely, with respect and be sure to thank them for their aid!
    “Thank you plant spirit for your blessings.”
  • You now have a great Prosperity Oil!

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Prosperity Oil Recipe

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  1. Can you use essential oils instead of the actual herbs?

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