Simple Money Spell with Green Candle

‘Riches Pledge’: A Simple Money Spell with a Green Candle

A very easy candle burning ritual for money that can open the roads to wealth and abundance through a simple yet effective spiritual practice.

Why this Spell Works

  • This money spell uses a green candle and a few other easy-to-find ingredients in order to cast a spiritual pledge. 🙏 That is, a solemn contract between you and your higher Self, in which you offer some symbolic money and a ritual act today, to get a bigger reward later.

I recommend casting money spells on a Thursdaybut you can do it whenever you are alone and can make sure that nobody will distract you. If you are wondering what the best moon phase for money spells is, it’s the First Quarter Moon, which begins 7 days after the new moon.

‘Riches Pledge’: A Simple Money Spell with a Green Candle

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

Very simple Kitchen Magic spell for Money with a Green Candle. This Wiccan chant/prayer works like a charm. After all, it’s real Money Magic!


  • 1 green candle

  • Peppermint incense

  • Cinnamon powder

  • 5 coins and 5 bills of any value

How to cast the spell

  • Sit on the floor (or on a cushion) and arrange your 5 bills and 5 coins in a circle around you.
  • Inside the circle, light the incense and the green candle.
  • Take a moment to meditate and visualize how all your money problems disappear. Picture yourself having the exact amount of money you need. This will be your goal. Focus.
  • When you are completely immersed in your goal, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of the money that surrounds you. Just a pinch on each bill and coin.
  • As you are doing this, chant the following spell:Simple Money Spell with Green Candle
  • Say it 5 times in total.
  • Pick up all the money moving clockwise around the circle.
  • Put this money in your wallet or purse and let the incense and candle burn completely.
  • In the following days, spend this money so that the energy you’ve built will start to flow along with the money.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable pdf spell recipe.

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Click image to print 'Riches Pledge': A Simple Money Spell
Click image to print ‘Riches Pledge’: A Simple Money Spell

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  1. Does it have to be 5 bills? We don’t have £1 bills, the smallest is £5 so it’s quite a lot

  2. Hi I am Andrew ,can you tharally help me understand more about other colors too please ,red ,yellow ,purple,white, black,blue and indigo.

  3. moses idjighere

    are you sure this work

  4. Marcus FiloDeRikardo

    Just tried this now, Thursday very early morning (3am) before twilight and sunrise, Despite the moon not being quite at the 1st quarter yet, should be more or less the most auspicious time in terms of moon phase and day of the week (waxing moon on Thursday). This is also the first time I have worked with a candle on the floor instead of a table, so I had to be mindful of not knocking the the candles over a potentially starting a fire, especially when rotating the money.
    For good measure I played mantra for prosperity goddess Yellow Tara: Will be interesting to see what happens from this.
    I’m assuming that ultimately it is the intention, visualization and meditation that is key to the results, and the ritual and props just aid to strengthen intentions and visualizations?

    • I hope your ritual is successful! And yes, that is how many people believe these rituals work. The added candles and ingredients can help add extra correspondence to focus the energy from the spell.

  5. Halo! Imate mogoče kakšen urok za vrnitev ukradenega denarja,tatovi so znani po imenu in priimku.Prosim!Lp.Ivan

  6. I’m researching the perfect spell to help me find a contract home purchase having not good credit history blocks my path and I’m over it. I’m taking control of my life one way or another. It’s all past history that shouldn’t effect the present

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