White Candle Prayer For Money

Money Rain Spell with Prayer to St. Expedite (Catholic)

St. Expedite  or Saint Expeditus was the commander of a Roman legion who defended the Empire during the invasions of Barbarian tribes. He was martyred as a Christian and his cult started in the eighteenth century in Sicily, where he was venerated as the patron saint of merchants and navigators. He is also venerated as protector of young people, students, sick people, helps with work, money, and family problems, and in court cases.

Start this ritual on a Sunday morning. It’s really simple and very effective. We will make a simple request through a prayer, so that he makes “money rain” upon us. If you don’t have an amulet, stamp or image of St Expedite, find one online and print it.

Money Rain Spell with a Catholic Candle Prayer

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco Difficulty: Easy

Simple Catholic Money Prayer with a white candle offering to Saint Expedite. His power can help you attract money and abundance whether you’re a Christian, Wiccan or other.


How to cast the spell

  • Fill the chalice or cup with salt and place it on your altar.
  • Place the image of St. Expedite inside the cup so that part of it is touching the salt.
  • Light the white candle.
  • Focus on the image of the Saint for a minute, cross yourself and say the following prayer: Catholic-Money-Rain-Prayer
  • Let the candle burn all the way without leaving the room.
  • Keep the image of Saint Expedite in your wallet, along with a pinch of salt. Throw away the rest of the salt and the remains of candle wax.


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Money Rain: Spell and Prayer for Abundance

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Money Rain: Candle Spell with Catholic Prayer
Money Rain: Candle Spell with Catholic Prayer

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  1. Annastesia

    Pls I don’t understand what you mean by cross yourself in the fourth instruction

    • Francisco Huanaco

      To cross yourself means to make the sign of the cross. Lift your right hand and bring it to your forehead. Then touch the center of your chest. Reach over to touch your left shoulder and then back to your right shoulder.

  2. Many thanks to St. Expedite, he bring money to me last week, and I can change my car tyres and service my car l last Friday. Many thanks to St. Expedite for your help..

  3. Thank you St.Expedite for work done to my home much appreciate it thank you for the blessings

  4. Hi what do you mean by letting the candle burn without leaving the room ins. #5

  5. Kanjeru Elizabeth

    Is the prayer of money rain by St expedite done only once a week Sunday morning

  6. Elaine Geerman

    If you don’t have coarse salt is sea salt ok?

  7. Philemon monday

    what if i don’t have coarse or sea salt? can i use table salt?

  8. many thanks

  9. Philemon Monday

    is the altar that of our church??? or I can do it in my own room

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