Wolf Moon Manifestation Spell

‘Howling at the Moon’: Wolf Goddess Skadi Manifestation Spell

In Norse mythology, Goddess Skadi is often associated with the wild, untamed aspects of nature, including wolves. Her connection to these majestic and powerful creatures enhances her image as a strong, independent deity. Wolves in Norse culture symbolize strength, endurance, and freedom, traits that are also attributed to Skadi.

As January’s Full Wolf Moon casts its gleaming light, we embrace the enchanting power of a Full Moon Tarot spell. This ritual intertwines the mystical symbolism of The Moon card from Tarot and the formidable might of Skadi.

How the Spell Works:

  • Skadi’s power, steeped in independence and resilience, further enriches this spell, guiding us to embrace both aspects of our ambition.
  • The Moon card, a beacon of intuition and duality, reflects our innermost instincts and the obscure path of personal growth.
The Moon Daily Tarot Meditation

This card features both a wolf and a dog, emblematic of our dual nature in pursuing ambitions: the ‘wolf’ embodies our raw, instinctual drive for goal attainment, marked by passion and unbridled energy. In contrast, the ‘dog’ symbolizes a more calculated, methodical approach to achieving these aims, underlining the importance of planning and preparation.

  • White candles are often associated with purity, clarity, and spiritual strength, making them ideal for invoking the clear and guiding light of the moon.
  • Silver candles, reflecting the color of the moon, especially during the full moon phase, represent intuition and the subconscious.

Full Wolf Moon Manifestation Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

This spell aims to bring balance and insight into how you both chase and prepare for your ambitions and manifestations. Perform the ritual on the Full Moon night of January, known as the Full Wolf Moon.


  • The Moon tarot card

  • A representation of Skadi (statue or an image)

  • 1 White candle

  • 1 Silver candle

  • Paper and pen

How to cast the Full Moon Spell

  • Set up your altar with the Moon tarot card at the center, surrounded by the white and silver candles.
  • Light the candles, envisioning them as a beacon for your desires.
  • Invoke Skadi with a chant, seeking her aid in manifesting your goals:Full Wolf Moon chant
  • Write down your goals and aspirations on the paper. Focus on each goal, visualizing it as vividly as possible.
  • Place the paper under the Moon card. Meditate on the balance between pursuing your goals (the wolf) and preparing for their realization (the dog).
  • Conclude by thanking Skadi and the Moon for their support, and blow out the candles.
  • Consider incorporating a personal or group howling session under the full moon, symbolizing the release of pent-up emotions and a deep connection with your inner wild nature.

Who is Goddess Skadi?

A Wolf Goddess in Norse mythology, Skadi is a formidable deity often associated with winter, skiing, bow hunting, and mountains. She is known for her strength, independence, and connection to the wild and untamed aspects of nature.

As a jötunn (giantess), Skadi represents a powerful and somewhat enigmatic figure, embodying resilience and a deep affinity with the natural world. Her mythology often highlights themes of personal empowerment and the enduring spirit of the wilderness.

Print out these images or draw your own picture of Goddess Skadi. Use it as an offering by placing it on your altar during this Full Wolf Moon spell, or make a deity altar with personal offerings, such as:

  1. Natural Elements from Mountains or Wilderness: Skadi is associated with mountains and the wilderness, so offerings like stones, pine cones, or branches from mountainous areas can be meaningful.
  2. Winter Symbols: Given her connection to winter, items like snowflakes (real or crafted), ice, or representations of snow could be appropriate.
  3. Hunting Implements: As a huntress, symbolic offerings like arrows or representations of bows can honor her aspect as a skilled hunter.
  4. Wolf or Skiing Representations: Small figures or images of wolves, or items related to skiing, would align with her lore and mythology.
  5. Food and Drink Offerings: Traditional offerings might include hearty foods or strong drinks like mead or ale, which would be fitting for a Norse deity.

Wolf Moon Guided Meditations

Awaken and manifest the energy of the wolf with a guided meditation and candle spell for the Wolf Moon of January.

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Elemental meditations can deepen your connection to natural forces, enhancing the spell’s effectiveness and your spiritual practice. The Elemental Invocations & Meditations focus on connecting with natural elements and energies, which aligns well with the themes of the Wolf Moon spell, such as harnessing inner strength and intuition.

Working with Moon Magick

The January full moon is traditionally called the Wolf Moon. This name is believed to originate from Native American and early Colonial times, reflecting the time of year when wolves were often heard howling in hunger outside villages. The cold and deep snows of midwinter increased the wolves’ activity around human settlements, making their presence more noticeable.

Enhancing the Wolf Moon celebration with activities like howling under the full moon, night hikes, and storytelling around a bonfire, 🔥 connects deeply with the power of the Full Moon. The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy and emotional intensity.

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This naming convention was a way for indigenous people to track the seasons and the lunar months, with each full moon carrying a distinctive name related to natural events or behaviors of wildlife during that time.

Working with Moon Phases

This comprehensive guide delves into the various phases of the moon, offering insightful ways to align your spiritual practices with the lunar cycle. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the path, this article provides valuable knowledge and inspiration for enhancing your connection with the moon’s powerful energies. Discover more by visiting Spells8’s Moon Magick page.

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