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Home Protection Powder: A Simple Spell Recipe

Whether you just moved into a new home or you’ve been living in your home for a while, it is always a good idea to cast a protection spell over your space. This process doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. In fact, it generally involves about two steps: cleansing the space and then protecting it. Any other steps in the process are entirely optional and can add to the potency of your spell. If you are in search of a simple protection spell for your home, be sure to read this post to the very end!

Why bother about the energy of your home?

Believe it or not, the energy of your home can have an effect on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This energy usually accumulates over time, but certain factors can play a role in how quickly unpleasant energy settles into your spaces. For example, if you spend a lot of time in emotionally charged situations during the day, you may end up bringing some unpleasant energy home with you. This energy may accumulate faster than if you spent your days in more pleasant or neutral situations. Surrounding yourself with unpleasant energies could lead you to feeling drained, grouchy, and generally not spiritually well in your own home.

Energy can also accumulate due to other people in your life. This includes people you let into your home such as family, friends, and even employees, and people that don’t come into your home but still send their energy in your direction. Putting up a magickal protective barrier around your home can help to protect against physical damage such as break-ins, storms, or similar. It can also help protect your home against magickal or psychic attacks from others or keep a wandering spirit from making itself too comfortable.

Clearing your home of unpleasant energies and protecting it from external energetic forces is very simple. Keep reading for some tips to get you started.

Make a Connection

Whether you are an animist or not, spend some time in your space. Light some incense if you want, play some nice music, and meditate in the heart of your home. Close your eyes and focus on your surroundings. Your home knows what it needs. If you listen well enough, it will tell you.

Clearing it Out

Once you’ve made the decision to clear out the energy from your home, it’s time to get to work. But what does clearing a space even mean? Well, you are going to be removing all energy from the space. This process clears out the energy, both good, bad, and otherwise, to leave room to call in what you want. If it makes it easier, you can think of this as an energetic cleaning rather than a physical one, though the two may look similar and utilize similar tools. This is step one of a good home protection spell.

One of the easiest methods of clearing a space is to clear it as you clean it. Charge your cleaning supplies with your magickal intention. You can do this by holding them firmly or holding your hands over them and speaking your words of intention over them. This could sound something like, “As I physically clean my space, so too do my cleaning supplies clear my home of unwanted energies and entities.” Then you use them to physically clean your space. At the same time, the energy you put forward to charge your supplies will also magickally clear the space.

Another method of clearing your space would be through the use of smoke or sound. You can burn special incense or herbs that have cleansing properties. One popular herb to burn for cleansing is rosemary, but any that you find clearing will work just as well. If you can’t use smoke you can cleanse with sound through clapping or bells. You can also use homemade cleansing sprays, too.

Calling it In

Once you’ve cleared your space, you will want to call something in to fill it. This step is optional, but keep in mind that nature doesn’t like a vacuum and nothing is truly empty for long. Use this step to call in the energy you want in your home. This can be done by playing some calming music, burning some relaxing or joyful incense, or decorating your home with pleasant flowers. Again, this can all be customized to suit your needs and desires for your space.

Choose Your Ingredients

Once your space is cleared and you have called in the energy you want, now it’s time to protect that energy. We are going to be making a salt powder to be used at the thresholds of our home. For this step, be sure to have some salt on hand. Salt is a wonderful protective ingredient to use in your powders, and for this recipe, it is the base ingredient. Salt is good for repelling and absorbing negative energy, keeping the energy that crosses your threshold in line with your intentions.

Along with salt, here are some more ideas of protective herbs you can include in your recipe.

Simple Home Protection Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

This powder is designed to protect your home with good energy and keep it free from problems. Support the magickal maintenance of your home with this protection powder.


  • Salt – absorbs and repels negative energy

  • Rosemary – for protection (can substitute other protective herbs)

  • Jar or Bowl – for mixing the ingredients together


  • Get your Salt

    Salt is protective and also repels negative energy. It is a good foundational ingredient for any witch to have and makes a simple base for our spell.
  • Get your Rosemary

    Rosemary is an herb that is commonly used for protection. In this case, you can use dried rosemary, fresh rosemary, or even substitute with an essential oil or other protective herb.
  • Mix it Together

    In your bowl, mix the salt and your protective herbs together. As you mix them, you can call on your guides, Gods, or other spirit allies to help you if you want. Stir in a clockwise motion to combine the ingredients as you say the following.
  • Sprinkle it Around

    With your mantra or affirmation in mind, sprinkle the salt mixture along every threshold and entry into your home. Include all doors, windows, and walkways. You can even repeat the above incantation if you’d like, drawing on the energy of the salt mixture as you do so.

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