How To Make Black Witches Salt

How to Make Witches’ Black Salt: Recipe and Uses

If you’re looking for a protection spell ingredient that is cheap and easily available, you should definitely add Witch’s Black Salt recipe to your arsenal of witchy cheat sheets.

Black Salt (not to be confused with Black Salt from Indian Cuisine) is used by Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, and other practitioners for its extreme protective qualities.

Making Black Salt with Eggs
DIY Witches Black Salt Recipe

Why this Spell Works

You can easily make your own black salt following the recipe below, and you can use it anywhere (at home, workplace, jar spells, etc). These ingredients give black salt its strong protective powers.

  • Salt – Any type of salt will work. Salt brings protection, especially in and around the home. It is also used for purification, cleansing and dispelling negativity in many traditional rituals. Salt can also be used to release attachments, including emotional attachments.
  • Charcoal – This will give the black salt its dark color. Charcoal represents the purifying power of Fire to burn and banish anything negative. You can use ashes from your fireplace (firewood or charcoal), but if you don’t have access to a hearth, use incense ashes or ashes from herbs that you’ve picked and burned yourself.
  • Eggshells – They represent the protective layer around new life and are a very strong protective influence. Eggshell powder is also known as cascarilla and has many magical uses.

How to make Black Salt: Recipe and Uses

Recipe by SilverBear

This black salt can be used for home or personal protection. It will drive away those who would do you harm; whether it be in a physical or spiritual way.


  • Egg shells

  • Charcoal or firewood ashes

  • Salt (any kind)

  • Pepper (optional)

How to make black salt

  • Clean the egg shells with some soap, let them dry and crush them with your mortar and pestle. Work it until you have a very fine powder. Use a kitchen strainer to filter out the big pieces.
  • Crush the charcoal and mix it with the egg shell powder.
  • Add ashes from incense or burned herbs (optional). You can also add ground black pepper.
  • Add the salt and mix it well.

Recipe Video


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of this recipe.
  • This black salt is not edible and should not be added to food.

Print it: Witch’s Black Salt

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Log in to download it or find free printable grimoire pages.

Uses of Black Salt in Witchcraft

As you may know, salt has many magickal uses and a long history in rituals of purification, protection and blessing.

  • Some witches like to pour black salt on window frames and doorways to protect the home.
  • When you cast a spell, pour a pinch of Black Salt in each corner of the room, before beginning the ritual, to ward off any negative entities.
  • Place it on your altar to add power to your spells, meditations, or daily wiccan practice.
  • Use it for cleansing or consecrating crystals, amulets, tools, circles of protection, and more.
  • When you have a visitor at home and can feel a negative energy, sprinkle a pinch of the salt after they leave to clear away the bad vibes.
  • Use it as a protection ingredient when casting banishing spells, or any spell that uses regular or coarse salt.
  • Black Salt is also said to be a key ingredient for creating a hex, binding, unbinding or curses.

Tips for Making Black Salt

Witch Black Salt
Witch Black Salt

Make sure you remove the thin white membrane layer of the eggshells so all you are left with is a dried, clean eggshell. Peel the inside membrane and toss it away. Then rinse them with a little soapy water and let them fully dry.

If adding ashes, you can burn one or more of these protective herbs. Make sure they are fully dry before you burn them:

  • Bergamot, cedar, cypress, lime, lemon, myrrh, juniper, rosemary, anise, vetiver, dill, basil, cinnamon, thyme, parsley, mugwort, poplar, yarrow, elm, holly, linden, hawthorn, ash, willow, oak, coconut, bay leaf, myrtle, birch, incense, jasmine, patchouli, pine, rue, verbena, ferns, fir, hazel, heather, mistletoe, pepper, thistle, wormwood.

Working with the mortar and pestle can be a very satisying exercise, especially if you are holding on to negative thoughts or feelings. Visualize them as you crush your ingredients and let all of the negativity be released in this exercise.

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