Blood Moon Witch's Guide

Blood Moons: The Witch’s Guide To Lunar Eclipses

Perhaps the heavenly body with the most influence on our lives, the mysterious moon reigns over the realms of magic, emotion, and things unseen. A symbol of constant renewal and divine femininity, our lovely Luna has been adored for as long as humans can look up at the night sky in wonder.

Working With Lunar Eclipses & Blood Moons

In the way the moon sways our emotions like the ocean’s tides, she also reminds us that change is ever-abundant. But we need not stand idly by and let the tides of change wash over us. As magical practitioners, we have the unique ability to not only withstand the storm but to use it to our advantage.

Lunar eclipse rituals are perfect for witches to immerse themselves in their craft. Occurring only when the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are in perfect alignment, this cosmic event provides a unique opportunity to wield the very powers of the cosmos and alter the course of your life.

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

Difference between Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon

An eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are all in perfect alignment. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is right between these two heavenly bodies, casting a shadow on the Moon.

There are three types of lunar eclipses:

1. Total Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is completely engulfed in Earth’s shadow, and as sunlight passes through Earth’s atmosphere, it scatters blue light but allows red light to reach the Moon, giving it a distinctive reddish glow.

Total Lunar Eclipse

2. Partial Lunar Eclipse

Only a portion of the moon enters the area of Earth’s shadow. When this happens, the moon takes on the appearance of a cookie with a missing bite.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

3. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

The moon falls within the faint, outermost part of Earth’s shadow, casting a glow that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Lunar Eclipses in 2024

March 25: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Duration: 12:53 am – 5:32 am EST

Peak: 3:12 am EST

Visibility: North and South America, North and East Asia, Europe, the Arctic, and Antarctica.

September 17-18: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Duration: 8:41 pm – 12:47 am EST

Peak: 10:44 pm EST

Visibility: North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

What Is A Blood Moon?

A Blood Moon is an event that occurs during a total lunar eclipse. During this celestial phenomenon, the moon enters the darkest portion of the Earth’s shadow, called the umbra. When the moon is fully cloaked in Earth’s umbra, it turns a vivid red color. This vibrant, blood-red hue is the reason total lunar eclipses are called Blood Moons.

Lunar eclipse or blood moon

The notorious Blood Moon has stricken fear into moonwatchers for millennia. In ancient times, eclipses were thought to be omens of misfortune or impending destruction.

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There is nothing in this world that can make y​ou feel so small as seeing the heavens changing before you, and before humans were able to identify the source of the strange heavenly events unfolding before their eyes, the blood-red glow of the moon was seen as an ominous symbol of terrible things to come.

But perhaps the most fearful aspect of the Blood Moon is its ability to uncover and unfold deeply hidden things and bring about unexpected changes in the lives of those who view it.

Therefore, the Blood Moon is only to be feared if what you fear the most is change.

Next Blood Moon in 2025

Blood moons are known to bring about unexpected transformations in our lives, often affecting us deeply in ways we never thought possible.

To determine the aspect of your life that the blood moon will affect the most, look at the zodiac sign that the blood moon will fall within.

There are no blood moons this year, but the next blood moon eclipse will occur on March 14, 2025.

During this particular eclipse, the moon falls between two zodiac signs, rendering it a Void Moon. This energy is typically considered not ideal for spellcasting.

March 14, 2025: Total Lunar Eclipse, Void Moon

Duration: 8:41 pm – 12:47 am EST

Peak: 10:44 pm EST

Visibility: North and South America, East Asia, Western Africa, Europe, and New Zealand

Eclipse and Blood Moon Rituals

Each lunar eclipse falls within a specific astrological sign, enhancing the moon’s connection with these respective zodiac associations. This means that the area of life that a lunar eclipse affects will differ based on the sign or lunar transit it falls within. Adjust your rituals to fully embrace these elements and maximize your spellwork’s potential.

Due to the powerful relationship of the aligned planets, eclipses are often thought to be a peak time for spellwork, rituals, and the like. Lunar eclipses present us with the potential for deep transformations.

Lunar eclipses offer an excellent opportunity for Shadow Work, a practice that helps explore and integrate hidden aspects of oneself. The intense energy of a lunar eclipse provides a profound backdrop for introspection and personal growth. Engaging in shadow work during this time can uncover hidden feelings, heal past traumas, and lead to significant inner change and self-improvement.

However, while the energy of a lunar eclipse is extremely potent, it is actually much more volatile than typical full moon energy. For this reason, you should be more careful when performing spellwork during this time.

Here are some rituals you can perform during an eclipse or Blood Moon.

1. Meditation

Take this time to meditate on the aspects of your life that the eclipse overshadows. These are the areas that will be highlighted as the eclipse comes to a close.

Eclipse in Libra

A lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra is deeply entwined with all aspects of our relationships. In what ways can you do more to improve your relationships with those you love?

Eclipse in Pisces

Pisces invokes a sense of healing and invigoration. For some, this event will broaden our empathy for others. Open yourself up to the struggles of others and look within yourself. What can you do to help heal that you haven’t thought of before?

Create a Moon Altar
Creating a Moon Altar

2. Smoke Cleansing

Out with the old, in with the new: performing a smoke cleansing is a great way to transition into a new phase of life. You can utilize different herbs according to the effect you’re looking to achieve, such as lavender or rosemary.

3. Divination

Performing divination, such as a pendulum or tarot reading, is a great way to tap into the divine knowledge of the cosmos. Reference the meditation topics above for inspiration on which topics you may want to consult with your tarot cards.

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The Blood Moon holds its own deep significance that regular lunar eclipses do not. What infinite possibilities and hidden powers might it unlock within you? And what can you do to prepare so as not to be caught off-guard by the tides of change?

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