Eclipse Energies

Eclipse Energy: How to Manifest During an Eclipse?

There are many things to be found online about not manifesting during an eclipse. Many people say that it is something bad that is happening; the sun is blocked from reaching the earth. This belief dates back to ancient times. People saw the sun was hidden and thought life as they knew it was ending. However, there are two sides to every story. Just as some people though an eclipse was a bad omen, there are many who saw an eclipse as a good omen.

Eclipses as Bad Omens

  • In Colombia, native people promised to work harder during an eclipse. They worked hard on their gardens because they believed the gods were angry with them for not working hard enough.
  • In Norse mythology, it is believed that the sun had been eaten by a wolf — either Skoll, Hati, or Fenrir — who was angry for being locked away.
  • Native Americans shot flaming arrows at the eclipse hoping to relight the sun or to scare off the beast that was attacking it.
  • In many cultures, pregnant people were told to stay inside for fear of their babies being born with deformities during an eclipse.

Now, while these may just be old stories, folk tales, and myths, it still shows there was negativity surrounding eclipses.

Eclipses as Good Omens

  • The Australian aborigines thought of it as a time of fertility. The moon was man and the sun was woman. The eclipse was them uniting.
  • In Germany stories, the moon and the sun are in love and want to be reunited. During an eclipse, this union happens and the two lovers are brought together.

So as you see, it can go both ways. Some ancient cultures believe it was a bad omen and others thought it was a time of fertility, love, and reunification.

Is this a sign?
Is this a sign?

Eclipses in Modern Time

The sun and moon are used separately in magickal practices for their energy. When you bring the two together, the energy becomes amplified. Eclipses are known to be a sign of change — something that can be scary. We have a natural fear of the unknown. During eclipse season we are thrown into change. Most of the time it is change that we are not mentally ready for.

If we prepare ourselves for how fast change can happen during an eclipse, then it will seem a lot less intimidating. It is very important to control your thoughts and feelings around this time. The saying “Be careful what you wish for” should be heavy on your mind during the times of eclipse season.

When the eclipse happens, it almost seems as if everything around you goes quiet. There is nothing around but darkness. Take this time also to be silent yourself as if you are being reborn and stepping into a new life. The best things come out of the dark and into the light. It is the perfect time for creation to happen. Know your ultimate goals and dreams during this time but do so while you are secluded. Take this time to go into your darkness and find yourself, get back in touch with who you are, and align yourself as the sun, the moon, and the earth are aligning.

Align with yourself as the sun, the moon, and the earth align.

Spiritual Growth and Eclipses

Some will strongly disagree when it comes to manifesting during an eclipse but there are some ways you can still make sure your dreams are coming true, you are growing spiritually, and preparing for the significant life changes that are about to come. This is a very powerful time for growth!

Stay Grounded

Align with yourself. Lots of chaos may be thrown your way but it is just to speed up your journey and your ability to navigate your life. This is a growing opportunity that you will be thrown into. Some fall into despair at this time, unable to cope with the high and low swings of life they may experience. You may lose your house one day and win the lotto the next and then have your dog run away the next. Major life changes are said to occur during the season of eclipses.

Grounding Peace Calm Recipe
Grounding Peace Calm Recipe

Create your Sanctuary

Your home should be a safe place for you to go to when feeling overwhelmed by the energy of the eclipse. Here are some things you might want to do to help you create the safe and sacred feeling.

  • Clean and cleanse your home
  • Throw out or recycle old things that no longer serve you or the goals you have for yourself
  • Clean out your fridge and stock it with healthy and good-to-you foods
  • Vacuum or sweep to get rid of stagnant energy

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Shift your Mindset

Know that not everything you face requires a large reaction. Some obstacles we face are small. Some are large. Some may feel like our world is crashing around us. Many obstacles are a chance for us to get through and learn from, regardless of the outcome. This is a time for spiritual growth and anything you go through during this time can be beneficial for your spirit.

Let go of the past.

Focus on living in the now. Look around you and see what is happening. This is the now. Don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t think about what you need to get done later. Center yourself and find your now.

Spell To Forget Someone
Spell To Forget Someone

Live with Gratitude

Sometimes we beat ourselves up for past mistakes and think we are undeserving or need to be punished for those things. Let those thoughts go and focus on the good. You are deserving of good things happening to you. You are trying to align with your higher self. Stop being so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself. Let go. Move forward. Give gratitude to those that deserve it and live your life with gratitude for what you have.

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Embrace Change

We are often so stuck in our comfort zone. Eclipses are like a hand coming down, picking us up, and putting us where we need to be to grow and change. This can be very hard as a lot of us like familiarity, we don’t like change. We have a natural fear of the unknown. Accepting change will make the spiritual growth process a lot easier for you during the eclipse season.

Do your Best

Not everyone can handle change, gratitude, or letting go of the past. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, just do your best to live day-by-day. Focus on the things you can change rather than the things you have no control over.

Journey of Change Challenge 2022
Journey of Change Challenge 2022

Opposing Views on Eclipse Energy

As stated above, some people believe eclipse energy is not to be messed with. In ancient times, an eclipse may have been seen as a bad omen, a time when the world goes dark and even the animals take shelter. If you do not resonate with any of the above, you may be on the other side of the eclipse belief spectrum. That’s okay! Many witches and magickal people choose to go inward for reflection during an eclipse. Some choose to just go about their day as if nothing is different. Others choose to isolate until the eclipse has passed. Wherever you fall, know that your beliefs are just as valid.

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