Witch Crafts with Dried Lavender

What To Do With Dried Lavender? Green Witch Crafts at Home

Warmer weather is upon us and flowers are in full bloom! This includes the wonderfully fragrant purple flowers of the lavender plant. Lavender is a versatile flower and herb with many uses in witchcraft. From cleansing to divination and everything in between, the vibrant purple flowers can be a great addition to your spellwork. Keep reading to learn different methods for drying lavender, and what you can do with the lavender you have collected.

Lavender Tea

Using Dried Herbs

If you want to use herbs in your spellwork, the easiest way to incorporate them is in their dry form. Dried lavender is the safest option when added to oils, potions, and other liquids. This prevents bacteria from growing in any moisture left on the flower when added to your projects.

Dried lavender is also the easiest to store. When dried properly, lavender can stay ready for use for months, even years! This makes this easy for the busy witch. When lavender is dried, you do not need to worry about the flowers dying, decomposing, or growing mold.

Create a Magickal Spell Oil
Create a Magickal Spell Oil

Harvesting and Foraging Lavender

Whether you are harvesting lavender from your garden or foraging for lavender in nature, it is important to only take what you need. This is a vital guideline to follow when working with plants and foraging. Take what you need and leave the rest. This helps to ensure there are plenty of flowers to continue flourishing — and don’t forget, we like to feed the pollinators!

It is essential to know when your lavender will be ready for harvest, regardless of where you are getting it. It is best to cut lavender stems when at least three-quarters, or 75%, of the flower buds are open and blooming. If you harvest before then, it is too early and the blooms will not open. If you harvest after that, the sun can damage the flowers that you are looking to save by removing their color and fragrance.

It is also important to harvest the lavender when it is dry and not wet from rain or morning dew. This helps prevent bacteria growth due to moisture, and mold when you are trying to dry the plants.

Herb Drying Methods?
What’s your favorite method to dry herbs?

How to Dry Lavender

There are two common methods of drying lavender, and these methods can also be used for other herbs and plants as well. One process requires more space than the other, but both methods are relatively easy to use.

Hanging to Dry

The easiest method, and the one that does not require a heat source, is hanging lavender to dry. Cut the stems of the lavender until they are all equal in length. Then, tie a string or cord around the stems to secure the lavender. Once the lavender bundle is secure, hang the bouquet of lavender in a high place away from moisture, sunlight, and flames.

Drying in the Oven

The second method, and the fastest, is drying lavender in your oven. To do this, cut the stems of the lavender so they are equal in length. Lay them flat on a baking sheet and bake them in your oven at 200F (93C) for 15 minutes. Be sure to leave the oven open just a bit to let out any moisture.

Hanging Lavender Divider

Witch Crafts with Dried Lavender

Once your lavender is dry, there are many things you can do to preserve it or utilize it in your practice! As we said above, lavender has many uses in witchcraft and magickal practices. Here are a few ideas for you to use with your freshly dried lavender stems and flowers!

Fragrant and Floral Incense

Lavender flowers are naturally fragrant on their own, but when burned as incense, the fragrance and smoke take on new meanings. Create an incense with your dried lavender flowers and burn it to cleanse and purify your space. Creating incense is easy — simply gather your herbs together and burn them on a charcoal disc!

Lavender incense can also be used in love spells. In many cultures around the world, lavender has long been associated with love and romance. Add some lavender incense to your next love spell or self-love ritual!

How to Make Incense
How to Make Incense

Flower Crowns for Love and Beauty

Belate isn’t the only time you can create a flower crown! Gather your flowers, lavender included, and craft a flower crown to wear during rituals! Incorporate many different herbs and flowers depending on your intention. Lavender can add protection, peace, love, and healing. Add in calendula or marigold for added healing, roses for love, and rosemary for protection.

Lavender Protection Charms

Whether your lavender has stems or not, you can create a protection charm for yourself, your house, or your car. For lavender that still has stems, fashion the lavender into the shape of an X — or any other protective symbol — and hang it in the place you want to protect.

If you only have lavender flowers, place them in a sachet or sprinkle them around your thresholds. You can incorporate other ingredients as well such as clear quartz, black salt, or rosemary.

Promoting Peaceful Sleep

Besides being associated with love and protection, lavender is also associated with peaceful and calm energies. Place some dried lavender under your pillow or near your bed to help promote restful sleep. You can also hang it above your bed or include it in a dream sachet to ward off nightmares.

Spell to ward off nightmares
Spell to Ward Off Nightmares

Enhancing Psychic Skills

Lavender is known for enhancing divinatory skills and psychic abilities. You can place dried lavender in a sachet under your pillow for visionary dreams. You can also craft a spell oil with lavender and mugwort to induce visions or aid in trancework.

Crafting Bath Salts

Take a dip in a spiritual bath and ritually cleanse the day away. Create a natural bath salt or body scrub with natural sea salt, Epsom salt, and lavender. This will not only physically wash away the grime of the day! It will give you a spiritual refresh and cleanse as well. This will aid in relaxation, promote peaceful sleep, and aid in meditation.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients
Spiritual Bath Ingredients

Teas and Edible Concoctions

Embrace your inner Kitchen Witch! If your lavender is food-grade (and not every lavender should be eaten!), add it to your culinary adventures! You can create lavender lemonade, lavender and honey tea, and even this delicious lavender tea bread that was shared in the coven.

There’s more lavender where that came from!

As a versatile herb, we here at Spells8 have plenty of information about using lavender in your practice. Check out one of these awesome posts next!

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