Real Life-Changing Wish Spells of Magick

One of the best spells to manifest your desires is a wish spell. In order for a wish spell to be powerful, it needs to contain an authentic wish and a powerful intention. All of your wishes are within your reach as long as you believe in your magick and allow yourself to feel that your wish is possible for you.

A wish spell can be for any area of your life where you want to obtain something. You can cast a wish spell for material desires and even emotional states such as happiness or joy. Wish spells can also be used to grant the wishes of other people.

Common Uses for Wish Spells

A wish spell may be necessary when it seems that all of your other efforts haven’t manifested your desires in your life. Focusing intently on your wish being granted empowers your wish to manifest into your life.

Before a Spell

Cleansing the energy of your home and yourself is vital. It’s important to clear your space before casting a spell. You can use Palo Santo, incense, or your smokeless methods to purify your energy. Keeping the area of your spellwork clean and clear of anything unnecessary will help produce a strong flow of energy as well.

Types of Wish Spells

The type of spell you cast will depend on your preference. Some witches prefer to speak the spell into existence. Some witches choose to use candles and oils. Other witches use herbs, and still others may use a combination of the various options for spellcasting.

Wish Candle Spell

Pick a colored candle that is associated with your wish. Choosing a specific candle color can help boost your own intentions based on the innate power that it already contains.

Common candle colors:

  • Red – Passion, Creativity, Confidence
  • Yellow – Joy, Happiness, Intelligence
  • Orange – Creativity, Justice, Celebration
  • Green – Financial abundance, Growth, Love, Friendship
  • Blue – Peace, Letting go, Forgiveness
  • Purple – Spirituality, Intuition, Psychic abilities
  • Black – Protection, Removal, Endings
  • White – Purity, Protection, Truth
  • Grey – Neutrality, Joy, Clearing

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Once you’ve chosen your candle, inscribe your wish on it with a pen or pencil. Cut into the candle with the writing device and write any detail about your wish that you find necessary. Writing your intention on the candle will help empower you and the spell.

Hold the candle in both hands and imagine your wish being granted. When you have the image in your mind, imagine that your wish is being charged within the candle. Light the candle as you hold this image in your mind, staring into the flame. You may wish to dress the candle in a specific oil and speak an incantation along with lighting the candle.

Wish Spell Incantations

I know that I am worthy.
I know that I am right.
By the light of the sun
And the darkness of the moon.
All of my wishes will come true!

Follow this incantation with the wish that you desire.

When you speak these words, feel their power as they leave your lips. Repeat this incantation over and over until your entire being embodies their truth. Use your emotions and excitement to empower these words throughout your spell.

Herb Spell

Find any herb(s) that correlates with your wish. Along with the herbs, find a pouch or bag to put them in. Hold the herbs and the pouch in your hand and charge them with your wish’s energy. You can do this by imagining your wish being fulfilled or by speaking the words of your desire out loud. Once you’ve charged the pouch, place it under your pillow while you sleep. Leave this there for nine nights. On the 10th night, remove the pouch. Sprinkle the herbs outside and wait for your wish to be fulfilled.

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How to Enhance Your Wish Spells

Quartz Crystal – Quartz crystals can be used to enhance the intentions of any spell. Keep a piece of quartz near your spell or in your hand while you perform it.

The Moon – Working with the moon alongside your spell is very beneficial. Certain moon phases correlate with different energies, and if you work with the moon’s phase, it can empower your spell. For example, a new moon is a fantastic time to wish for new beginnings and a waning moon is a great time to wish for endings.

Spell Combination – Use a combination of these spells to super-charge your results.

Practice – You can strengthen the power your intentions overall by practicing small spells regularly. Before you go to the store, hold the intention that you will have a parking spot near the front. You can also hold an intention that your day will be bright and positive. By using your intent, you are strengthening it like a muscle which will help strengthen your spells.

What Do You Wish For?

Now that you know how to cast a wish spell, what do you wish for? Magick is powerful and should only be used when you are sure that you want to attract something into your life. Before performing a wish spell, ask yourself if it’s truly something that you want. Be careful what you wish for!

Try these simple spells for practice and make your wishes come true!

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