Beltane Celebration Video Spell Ritual

▶️ Beltane Celebration Ritual #CastAlong

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Light 3 green or white candles for this Sabbat celebration

One of the most important holidays among the Celts, Beltane fires announce that summer is coming. Every year on or around April 30th, the resurrection of life is celebrated. The longest days of the year are here.

During this time, the fertility of the Earth reaches its peak, the first small fruits start to appear and the animals are ready to mate. Outdoor rituals include large bonfires, thanking Mother Earth and the Sun, and embracing love and fertility.

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You will need

  • 3 candles (green or white)
  • Fresh colorful flowers (in red, white, orange and yellow)
  • Chalice with red wine or water.
  • Incense (such as sandalwood, jasmin or roses)
  • Paper and pen
  • Lighter or matches

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