Spell for Energy: Boost Your Motivation and Ignite Your Inner Fire

Spell for Energy: Boost Your Motivation and Ignite Your Inner Fire

Are you tired, drained, uninspired, or not seeing the results in your spellwork that you desire? Energy comes in all shapes and sizes, and your energy levels affect every aspect of your being. If you’re in a low energetic state, this affects your mind, emotions, physical body, and ability to exert your intent.

If you’re unsure how to access an abundance of energy, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll learn how to create a powerful spell for energy to help give you that extra boost you need to feel empowered!

Reasons for Low Energy

Why are you feeling low-energy? Why do you have a lack of motivation or drive? Before you cast a spell for motivation and energy, it’s important to understand where your lack of energy comes from. Otherwise, you may not adequately use the energy and motivation you receive from your spellwork.

Here’s a visual for you to understand what this means. Say your car’s battery keeps dying because you’ve left the lights on. How will you recharge the battery? By jumping it. But if you continue to leave the lights on, you’re never going to keep a full charge.

Restorative Sleep Moon Pouch
Restorative Sleep Moon Pouch

The same goes for you and your energy levels. Before performing this spell, spend some time in meditation or journaling and see if you can uncover where your lack of energy comes from or any actions you currently do that contribute to having low energy. When you really dive deep into this topic, you may be surprised by what you find. For many people, a lack of motivation can stem from fear, overstimulation, giving others too much of their energy, lack of nutrition, and uncontrolled emotions.

Try to get to the root of your lack of energy and motivation so you can include the intent to overcome it within your energy magick.


When you think of energy, what do you think of? Is it bright, warm, fast, and powerful? There are many colors and tools that are associated with energy because they function at a high frequency and draw these energies into your spellwork.

Include these items throughout your spell:

Performing the Spell

Now that you have your energy essentials, it’s time to perform the spell. This spell works best on a waxing or full moon, as during this time, lunar energy is beginning to grow and expand across the earth. If you’re in a pinch, you can perform this spell at any time; we’ve included clear quartz crystal in the spell to enhance the overall outcome.

The spell begins with a warm salt bath. Salt is a powerful cleanser and removes negative energies from within and around the body. Negative energy attachments tend to suck your energy field until you remove them. These attachments siphon energy from you continuously until they are plucked away, so it’s important to remove them before you perform a spell for energy.

Draw a warm bath, and as the tub fills, sprinkle in the white salt. Allow the salt to completely dissolve until you enter the bath. Enter the bath and allow your body to relax completely. Sit in the bath for 10-20 minutes while imagining any negative energy attachments being dissolved away from you. Drain the tub, and as it drains, imagine the water pulling away the root cause of your lack of energy that you discovered.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients
Spiritual Bath Ingredients

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can use a salt scrub to supplement the energy-clearing benefits.

After the bath, gather your supplies and find a quiet place to perform the candle spell.

Position the red and gray tapers about six inches apart. The gray candle should be positioned on the left, and the red candle on the right. The gray candle represents you right now and a lack of energy. The red candle represents you in a motivated and empowered state.

Cut a piece of yellow string that’s long enough to be tied to the wicks of the candles on each end. You are going to connect the gray and red candle with the string.

Place the quartz crystal in between both of the candles. Did you know that quartz is a neutral energizer, meaning it supercharges any intention it’s used for? Clear quartz is also a high-frequency stone, so having it involved in this spell is extremely beneficial.

Now you’re ready to perform the spell. Find your match or lighter and light the wick of the gray candle. The yellow string attached to its wick should catch fire as the wick is lit, and the fire should transfer to the right end of the string until it lights the red candle.

Blow the gray candle out as soon as the red candle is lit. Let the red candle burn for an hour or so, or you can let it burn through completely. Spend a few minutes staring into the flame of the red candle while visualizing its warm energy seeping into your energy field. Feel its warmth, power, and motivation. Continue doing this until you feel a change in your overall energy field.

After the Spell

When you’ve finished the spell, a great way to enhance its outcome is to spend time in meditation, visualizing your results as if you already have them. Ignite all of your senses and feel the presence of your energy magick.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Sometimes, you’ll feel a burst of energy while you perform the spell. Other times, you may notice a subtle change in your habits and energy levels gradually until you start living fully in a more empowered and motivated state.

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