Spell for motivation and energy

Full Moon Spell for Motivation, Energy & Strength

This spell was written by Cat, a member of Spells8, to assist those running into the same problems she was facing: frequent feelings of being drained and always tired.

How this Spell Works

Tapping into the infinite energy and power of the Universe is a natural way to get an energy boost. We will cast a circle and invite the Four Elements. The fifth element, Spirit, will be represented by the Witch.

  • Moon Water, prepared with clean drinking water with the purpose of drinking it, to symbolize physically absorbing power. You can cast this spell on a Full Moon and consecrate the water before this spell.
  • A Wand or staff can be used to summon the elemental spirits. Use your dominant hand and if you don’t have a wand, use your index finger.

The 🌕 Full Moon is the best time for casting spells for motivation and energy, but you can follow this ritual on any night.

Full Moon Spell for Motivation, Energy & Strength

Recipe by Cat

Full Moon spell for energy boost. Gain motivation, strength and courage with this elemental chant and ritual.


  • Salt (black salt or any other type)

  • Black gemstones (e.g. Tourmaline, Obsidian, Opal, Onyx)

  • Moon Water

  • Staff/Wand

  • Candles in black, silver, purple and white

  • Any power incense (e.g. Juniper, Benzoin, Nutmeg, Cedar, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Star Anise, Frankincense)

  • Moonstone and other crystals (optional)

How to cast the spell

  • Light the candles and incense. This spell for power works best if performed outside on a Full Moon night, but it can be done inside too. The Moon Water should be consecrated before starting.
  • Breathe deeply. Center yourself and find the North where you are standing.
  • Point your staff/wand towards North. Say:
    "I call upon the great night sky, where the Moon and the Stars reside.
    I call on the infinite energy and powers of the Universe,
    So I may not feel drained or tired, so as the Universe may give me what I desire,
    Infinite energy that cannot be reversed, the flow of Power will take its course.
    So mote it be!"

  • Turn and point your tool towards East. Repeat the chant.
  • Turn to the South and repeat the same chant. Then turn to the West and repeat it once again.
  • Finally, point upwards to the great night sky while completing the chant while your other hand is also aimed towards the sky with fingers spread apart🖐️ to represent the Five Elements.
  • Drink a sip of Moon Water to ground yourself and close the ritual by pouring the rest into the Earth. Blow the incense ash into the air, blow out the candles and clean up.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of the spell.

Print this Spell

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