'Elemental Protection': Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

‘Elemental Protection’: Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

Do this super easy home ritual to cleanse the energies at home and bring extra protection with salt. Use this spell to clear any evil spirits or bad energies from your home as often as you need to. It will also promote good finances, remember the saying “When there is salt in a house, there will always be money.”

Why this Spell Works

  • Salt is an essential element for life because the human body needs it to function properly. It has symbolized purity in religious rituals throughout history. Not only it was used to preserve food and heal wounds, but also to ward off bad luck, absorb negative energy, and to repel envy 💛.

'Elemental Protection': Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco
Difficulty: Easy

An Easy Magic Recipe with a chant to cleanse the home from negativity and evil spirits. Cast this spell with salt to attract protection and spiritual healing.


  • Coarse salt (sea salt, Epsom salt, or others)

  • Broom

How to cast the spell

  • Sweep the floor with a regular broom, so that it's physically clean before doing the spiritual cleanse.
  • Take a handful of coarse salt and place it on the floor.
  • Use the broom to carry the salt and sweep it all over the room, as you repeat the following chant:Spiritual-Protection-with-Salt
  • Finally, collect all the salt and throw it in the toilet bowl, asking that the Water takes away all negativity that has entered the home.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable spell recipe.

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'Elemental Protection': Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

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Elemental Protection. Home cleansing spell with Salt
Elemental Protection. Home cleansing spell with Salt

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