Spells for Beginner Witches

The Perfect Spells for Beginner Witches

A spell is a type of ritual, a Magical act that can manifest change in your reality through a deep spiritual and subconscious Power. There are many different types of spells, and yes, spells for beginners too!

Witchcraft Spells are real and they make up a substantial part of Pagan practices, but they’re also present in some monotheistic religions: For example, Christianity! However, many of its followers will tell you that spellcasting has to do with worshipping Satan. This couldn’t be further from the truth because most pagans don’t even acknowledge the existence of Satan, and instead see it as what it is: A Christian concept and an unfair personification of non-Christian religions. 👿

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What are Spells of Positive Witchcraft?

Positive Witchery be Respectful Beautiful Spells8

As you will learn, Witchcraft can be positive, respectful, and beautiful. 🌻 The kind of spells that we are talking about are designed to manifesting favorable changes and positive transformations. And as long as your end goals are well-intentioned, you won’t be meddling with any “Black Magic” or “forces of evil”, so don’t be afraid to try these spells for beginners! Also, make sure to read this lesson on becoming a Real-Life Witch.

Spellcasting was already practiced in the Neolithic era, around 4,000 years ago. This was a common practice before the emergence of modern religion.¹ Ever since, Magic and Witchcraft has been practiced both openly and in secret.

Today, the practice of Witchcraft and spellcasting is considered legal in the US and many other places around the world, protected by the freedom of religious beliefs as a fundamental right.²

7 Keys to Successful Spellcasting

Here are 7 key principles of popular Witchcraft that a Beginner Witch should always keep in mind:

  1. Like attracts like, as stated in the Law of Attraction and Law of Reciprocity.
  2. Intention and Will govern Magic, but they also make us responsible for any consequences.
  3. Your thoughts become your reality, helping the manifestation of Magic.
  4. Symbols are just as powerful as what they represent in the sacred space.
  5. Objects and people can influence each other even at great distances – like goes to like.
  6. Through ritual acts, we express our beliefs and give them Life.
  7. Magic must have meaning, otherwise it won’t work.

Note that these are not laws subscribing to any particular pagan philosophy, tradition or set of beliefs, but more of universal metaphysical laws, such as the Law of Three. If you want to learn about Wiccan Beliefs, go to Lesson 10 of Spellcasting 101.

Recommended Free Lesson: How to Cast Spells When You’re New and Unsure

The Best Spells for Beginners

Spells for Beginners with Candles

Spells for Beginners with Candles

Home Blessing Candle Spell Chant

Prayer for Blessing your House
House Blessing Prayer and Spell

Elemental Road Opener Spell

Road Opener Wiccan Ritual
Road Opener Ritual

Lunar Protection Spell: Super Easy Full Moon Candle Ritual

Lunar Protection Spell: Super Easy Full Moon Ritual
Lunar Protection Spell: Super Easy Full Moon Ritual

Renewal Bath Spell: For Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance

Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance
Renewal Bath Spell: Self-Love & Spiritual Acceptance

A Wiccan Chant with Green Candle to Get your Dream Job

Wiccan Chant to find a Dream Job
▶️Wiccan Chant to find a Dream Job

‘Ocean’s Charm’: Money-Drawing Spell with Sea Salt

Money Spell with Salt
Ocean’s Charm: Money-Drawing Spell with Sea Salt

A Prayer to Your Guardian Angel to Help you Find a Job

A Prayer to Your Guardian Angel to Help you Find a Job
▶️A Prayer to Your Guardian Angel to Help you Find a Job

Spells for Beginners Without Candles

Spells for Beginners without candles

‘Mother Moonlight’: Full Moon Love Spell without Ingredients

Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell
Mother Moonlight: Full Moon Wiccan Love Spell

‘Silver Moon’: Money Manifestation Spell in the Full Moon

Wiccan Money Manifestation in the Full Moon
Wiccan Money Manifestation in the Full Moon

‘Elemental Protection’: Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

'Elemental Protection': Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt
‘Elemental Protection’: Home-Cleanse Spell with Salt

Emptiness Reversal’: Spell to Find a Lost Object Fast

Spell to find lost objects
Spell to find lost objects

Best Wiccan Spells for Beginners

Wiccan Spells for Beginners

‘Rosemary Wash’: A Wiccan Bath & Spell for Career Success

Wiccan Bath Spell for Job and Career
Wiccan Bath Spell for Job and Career

‘Moon Boon Chant’: Wiccan Magic to Attract Money

Wiccan Full Moon money spell
Wiccan Full Moon Money Spell

Herbal Aura Cleansing: Spiritual Bath Spell for Good Luck

Spiritual Bath to Remove Negativity
▶️Spiritual Bath to Remove Negativity

Enabler Chant: Good Luck & Prosperity Cinnamon Spell

Good Luck Cinnamon Wiccan Chant Spell
Good Luck Cinnamon Wiccan Chant Spell

Extra Tips

Extra tips casting spells

Have Clear and Good Intentions

Before casting any spell, you must know exactly what you want. Focus and confidence are important, but faith and conviction are what will make your spells work every time.

Love spells are a good way to try to improve your love life. If you are a beginner, don’t perform any Magic with the intention of making a specific person be forced to love you. This violates the person’s free will and could be considered Black Magic, thus potentially harmful for a Beginner Witch.

If you want to cast a Magic spell to heal a family member or a friend, let the person know first. Otherwise, you might be working against their free will, which is what makes the difference between White Magic and Black Magic.

Have a Sacred Space

Find a place at home where you will be able to perform your Magic without being disturbed. It should be quiet and peaceful. Your workspace will be your altar. This should be a table or any flat surface in which you will arrange the tools for the spell you are casting. For example, candles, incense, paper, matches, etc. Usually, you will have an altar cloth, as a decoration, as a symbol, or just to protect your altar from spills.

Work on your Candle Spells

Candle spells are perfect for beginners. Candles are easy to find and they are incredibly powerful. Typically, candles are anointed, or “dressed” with oil before working with them. This is also called “consecrating” the candle and it’s a ritual act which charges your candle aligning it with your intentions. While rubbing the candle with the oil you have chosen for this spell, you will focus on your goal and visualize yourself having achieved it.

Learn more on this lesson: Candle Magic 101: The Beginner Witches Guide to Magic

Once you light your candle, sit for a few minutes and meditate on what you want. Chants, prayers or affirmations are not always necessary, but they can make your spell more powerful. As the candle burns, you say the words and perform any ritual acts that your spell calls for.

Stay Safe

When you are finished, let the candles burn on their own and, unless the ritual indicates it, let them to be consumed completely. As a safety warning, do not leave candles burning unattended. Stay in the same room or blow them out if you have to leave. Certain rituals, such as novenas, require you to snuff them off and light them up again on the following days for a several day long spell. Always practice Candle Safety.

It is common to end spells with “So be it”, “Thanks because it is done,” “Amen” or a similar expression. Another good idea is to say “For the greater good of all interested parties.” Or “Without harming anyone” to prevent any negative consequences arising from your spellcasting works.

Learn more on this lesson: 8 Safety Rules Every Witch Should Know


How do spells work?

We cast spells in order to open up an easier pathway towards the goals we seek. The words that make up a spell are really just a means of engaging the Witch’s whole mind in the working being done. Like visualizing a road map for our manifestations and our future.

Not all spells necessarily seek to change things, but rather to protect and prepare us for the challenges of everyday life. A good luck spell can make us feel more confident, inspiring us to take more risks, opening new doors towards personal success. Protection spells can help us dodge or deal with attacks that come from others, typically when we proudly show our work or come out as we are.

Spells without ingredients can be used as prayers or devotionals. Every ritual act or spiritual practice is basically a form of exercise. Think about how your body works: by exercising it frequently and keeping it active, you stay in shape and promote a healthy body. Your spiritual life is no different: To keep it healthy, you will need to take the time and explore your inner self. Spells are a great way of achieving a healthy spiritual life, connecting with ourselves, with our Higher Beings, and staying engaged in personal growth.

Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions page

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  2. Witchcraft and the Law. Pagan and Proud of It

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