Create and Consecrate your Magic Wand

How to Make and Consecrate your Witch’s Wand

Magic wands are a very personal tool and have a long history in Witchcraft. Their popularity rose with Wiccan ceremonial Magic, but we can trace their roots to the reindeer people of Central Asia and Siberia. Originally, shamans used wands to beat their drums during healing and religious ceremonies.

Similar wands have been found in many other cultures, mainly in those from Proto-Indo-European cultures and among certain tribes of North America. In general, they were used by well-respected healers and wise men and women.


Magic Wands Wicca Witchcraft Spells
Magic Wands

Wands are typically carved out of wood. Because wood comes from trees – living and sacred beings in Witchcraft and other Earth-based religions – they are symbolically giving us their Power, which continues to live on in the wand, making it a sacred tool that deserves good care and respect.

In earlier times, there was a sacred balance between the hunter and the hunted, between man, animals and plants. This is still the case for modern Witches: If you are borrowing something from the forest, don’t forget to ask for permission first, and also give thanks afterwards.

What is a Magic Wand?

In its simplest form, a Magic wand it is a wooden stick about 15 or 20 inches long that serves to direct Magical energies, although in a different way to the Athame. The wand is normally used to evoke, that is, peacefully invite benign spirits and forces to join our ritual and we ask for their help on our spellwork. The athame, on the other hand, is a more aggresive tool, that can invoke, that is, command or order a certain spirit to do what we want. In this way, the athame involves a more assertive approach and can be seen as a more “advanced” tool in this learning path.

Magic Wand Wicca Altar
Magic Wand in a Wiccan Altar

Some Traditions use the Wand to handle subtle energies during spells or to Cast a Circle of Protection, while others simply use it to symbolize the element Air or Fire, depending on who you ask.

As you can see, the meaning and uses of the Wand in Witchcraft can vary greatly. The gender of the wand is usually not expressed, although many consider it to be masculine, because of its phallic shape.

How to Make a Magic Wand Step by Step

1. Choose a type of Tree

Use this list of qualities and symbolism for trees in Witchcraft to find the tree of your preference. Read on and use your intuition to find one that best relates to you.

  • Almond: Divination. Clairvoyance. Wisdom. Money. Loans Business.
  • Apple tree: Healing. Prosperity. Love. Perpetuates youth.
  • Apricot: Love.
  • Ash: Protection. Prophecies. Good luck.
  • Birch: Protection. Purification. Fertility. New beginnings.
  • Cedar: Prosperity. Longevity.
  • Coconut tree: Purity. Chastity. Healing.
  • Cypress: Past lives. Protection.
  • Elder: Healing Protection. Prosperity.
  • Elm: Protection.
  • Eucalyptus: Healing.
  • Fig tree: Fertility. Force. Energy. Health.
  • Hazel: Divination. Marriage. Protection. Reconciliation.
  • Juniper: Protection.
  • Lime tree: Divination. Healing. Chastity. Neutrality.
  • Linden: Protection.
  • Lemon tree: Divination. Healing. Chastity. Neutrality.
  • Mountain Ash: Protection. Strength.
  • Mulberry: Knowledge. Fortune telling. Wisdom. Willpower.
  • Oak: Healing. Strength. Money. Longevity.
  • Olive: Peace. Fertility. Security. Money. Marriage. Fidelity.
  • Orange tree: Love. Marriage.
  • Palm tree: Strength.
  • Peach: Love. Divination.
  • Pine: Purification. Health. Fortune. Fertility. Prosperity.
  • Poplar: Protection.
  • Red Maple: Divination. Love.
  • Walnut: Healing. Protection.
  • Willow: Healing Protection. Enchantment. Wishes.

2. Find a branch from the tree you have chosen

Making the Perfect Magic Wand
Making the Perfect Magic Wand

Take a walk around an area where the tree of your preference grows. Choose a branch that is long enough. It should be about the size of your forearm and hand. Make it a ritual act. That is, ask permission to take the branch and then give thanks to the tree. You could even include an offering, such as burying a crystal or a fruit near it. Or just sit down and meditate, or read a book besides it.

3. Get the branch ready

Scrape the bark off your branch, shape it like a wand, sand it and give it a pointy tip. You can give your Magic wand a name and carve it. Add any decorations that you feel represent you, your Magic and your wand. Remember that your wand is an extension of your hand and of your mind.

Carving a Wand out of Wood
Carving a Wand out of Wood

If you need some video-inspiration to get started carving wood, here’s a great YouTube video on carving a wand out of a block of wood and a this one is a time-lapse of making a wand from a tree branch.

Note: If for any reason, you can’t find a tree or don’t have time to make your wand from scratch, you always have the option of buying a Magic wand from a store. Or you can make it from any straight piece of wood. A wooden rod bought in a hardware store will do the job just fine.

4. Consecrate your wand

Now it’s time to consecrate your Magic wand with a proper ritual. Use the following guides as an example and create your own consecration:

▶️ #CastAlong Tool Consecration

Consecration of the Wand by Scott Cunningham

  1. Light a candle, burn incense. Cast a circle.
  2. Place the wand on a plate of salt. Touch the wand with your right index finger and say:
    “I consecrate you a wooden wand, so you can cleanse yourself and purify yourself, and in this way you can serve me inside the circle of stones. In the name of the Mother Goddess and of the Father God you are consecrated. “
  3. Focus on projecting your energy in the tool, cleaning it of all negativity and past associations. Now lift it and sprinkle it with salt (symbolizing element Earth), pass it through the smoke of the incense (element Air), by the flame of the candle (element Fire) and sprinkle it with water (element Water), calling the spirits of the four Elements so they will consecrate it. Then lift the tool to the sky saying:
    “I consecrate you for the ancient powers, for the omnipotent Goddess and God, for the virtues of the Sun, the Moon and the stars, for the powers of earth, air, fire and water, that I will obtain everything I desire, through you.”

5. Use your Wand

The tool must be used immediately to strengthen and bind the consecration. For instance, use the wand to invoke the Goddess. To do this, point upwards and say:

“Mother Goddess, come to me.
Take me, take my body, come to me,
Stay in me and express yourself.
Be what I am and let me be what you are.”

You can chant this, or you can whisper it. Do it a few times, it might take a while. Repeat this evocation until you feel that there is a connection, that the archetype of the Goddess has manifested itself in you.

▶️Watch also: Drawing Down the Moon Video #CastAlong

In Summary

Create and Consecrate your Wand

The wand is frequently used to call benign spirits, which are not invoked using the athame or sword, since these tools are reserved for a more aggressive approach, in which we do not “ask for help”, but rather “command” their presence. Likewise, a Magic wand can be used to summon the Goddess or the God in a courteous manner. This tool always communicates as an invitation, not an order. The wand represents mercy.

You can make your wand from scratch keeping in mind it will be a very personal tool and should represent your identity as a Witch. You can also buy one and customize it. The consecration of the Wand is also an important ritual as it binds the wand to the practitioner, cleanses and purifies it for its use.


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