Look Ahead: Six Tarot Cards for the Future

A Peak Into the Future: 6-Card Tarot Spread

As the new year steadily approaches, you can begin to feel its fresh energy trickling into your life. As one year approaches, a period begins that can be considered as the transition between two times. The first is your current self, who you are today, and what you’ve experienced so far. The second is the future, the untapped potential, and the highest probability of where you’re headed based on your choices and decisions throughout this year. If you’re like most people, you’d prefer a head start on tapping into the energy of the future, whether it be the near future or somewhere far off in the distance.

Tarot is a great way to discover the energy forecast for the coming future. You can use the cards to help provide insight into what’s to come depending on the situation and timeline in question. Whether you’re looking for advice, guidance, potential challenges, and setbacks, or just want a general idea of what to expect in the future, the following tarot spread is a great choice!

You have infinite versions of yourself existing on the many dimensional timelines, both past, present, and future. You can tap into these future selves, ask them for guidance, and draw their energy into your life. If you’re looking towards the future in hopes of using the knowledge to help manifest a particular experience within your life, a future reading can tap into that future version of yourself and provide you guidance purely from that state.

Make a Decision Tarot Spread

Every day, every choice and action you take is leading you down a specific journey. This journey changes slightly based on these choices, always aligning yourself with a new probability. Using a future-self tarot reading can help you understand the most probable future outcome you’re nearing and what you can do to maintain this probability or steer away from it.

Before the Reading

Before your tarot reading, it’s important to cleanse your energy field to help remove any current energies that could influence the results of the tarot spread. If there are any past emotions, thoughts, or energetic baggage, make an effort to release these aspects of your energy in order to receive the clearest, most beneficial message about your future.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients
Spiritual Bath Ingredients

You can cleanse your energy by taking a salt bath; salt is very cleansing and great for removing negative energies. You can also go outside and walk barefoot on the earth, grounding your energy and revitalizing your spirit.

Some other great ways to cleanse your energy are working with crystal energy, palo santo, or burning an herb of your choice.

Future Self Tarot Reading

You’ll draw six cards for this reading and align them in these specific placements. Two rows of cards each containing three cards. The first row is cards one through three. The second row is cards four through six.

Once you’ve placed the cards in their placements, it’s time to turn them over and analyze the reading.

Card 1: Your Past Self

The past can be a gateway to discovering just how far you’ve come, what you’ve achieved, and a reminder of the lessons you’ve faced. The card in this placement will provide you with the knowledge and wisdom that you’ve gained since transitioning from a past version of yourself, which can help you navigate the mysterious waters of the transition into your future self.

Card 2: Who You Are Right Now

The first card of this spread directly reflects who you are at this moment. Interestingly, this is who you are based on simply the present moment and does not reflect your past or future. You can use this card to identify the most dominant energy in your life or discover what pattern you’re exhibiting or experiencing that could play an important role in your future.

Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual and Shadow Work
Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual and Shadow Work

Card 3: Future Potential

The third card placement illustrates what your most probable future self will be. Use this card to indicate what needs to stay consistent or change within your life to achieve your desired outcome. The card will reflect the growth you will experience from this period going forward if you don’t change the course of your trajectory too greatly.

Card 4: Focus

Your focus and where you invest your energies is the most important factor in where your future potential exists. The card in this placement shows you where you must focus and invest energy to achieve the future self you desire. This placement may also show you where your focus is being wasted or misdirected.

Divination Oil Recipe
Divination Oil Recipe

Card 5: Your Strengths

Now that you know your potential, in order to use this knowledge in an empowered state you must know where your strengths lie. You have everything that you need deep within you, and you have the power to achieve whatever you desire at hand. The card will highlight your innate abilities, where you shine, and what you must use in order to achieve your future goals.

Card 6: Are You On the Right Path?

For every reading you have, there’s likely a question at hand. For future readings, there’s usually a desired outcome at hand, and tarot is used to describe whether or not it’s probable. But, sometimes, these desires may or may not be for our highest good. The card in this placement is used to describe whether or not you’re on the right path and if this desire is beneficial for you. If you don’t have a specific goal or desire in mind, this card will describe if you still need to make any necessary changes within your life.

Trust Your Intuition

When it comes to reading the cards, learning how to trust yourself is vital. Give yourself a bit of practice with these tarot spreads. You may even find that you prefer a different type of divination. The important thing is that you find a method that works for you.

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