Athena’s Devotional Prayer for Wisdom

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Light a yellow candle during this devotional.

Incense for Athena:

Patchouli, Myrrh, Sage.

Offerings to Athena:

Bread, Olives, Roses, Owl figurines.

Athena is the warrior goddess of wisdom, arts and crafts.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy and just war. She was considered a mentor of heroes and worshiped as patroness of Athens, where the Parthenon was built to worship her. She was associated by the Etruscans with its goddess Menrva, and later by the Romans with Minerva.

She is aided by an owl, she has a goat skin shield called aegis and is often seen accompanied by the goddess of victory, Nike. Athena is an armed warrior goddess, never a girl, and always a virgin. Other items consecrated to her are the olive branch, the snake, the rooster, and the spear.

This prayer to Athena can help you let go of bad habits, release negativity, making room for wisdom and new experiences to enter your life.

Devotional text

Only-begotten, noble race of Zeus,

Blessed and fierce, who joyest incaves to rove:

O, warlike Athena, whoseillustrious kind,

Ineffable and effable we find:

Magnanimous and famed, the rockyheight,

And groves, and shady mountainsthee delight:

In arms rejoicing, who with Furiesdire

And wild, the souls of mortalsdost inspire.

Gymnastic virgin of terrific mind,

Dire Gorgon’s bane, unmarried,blessed, kind:

Mother of arts, impetuous;understood,

Rage to the wicked, wisdom to thegood.

I ask for your Wisdom to let go

Of the bad habits that interruptmy empathy with the gods.

Help me in this process to improveevery day.

Renew me, cleanse me, purify me,Athena.

Let my actions speak louder thanmy words.

Help me choose the people thatcome to my life.

Help me to be tolerant,understanding and to learn to live in peace,

with understanding, intelligence,love and respect.

Today I consecrate my whole beingto you,

I let your influence be my guide,my counselor.

I want to share your wisdom withthose around me,

So they can find good advice whenthey need it.

Help me fulfill my obligationswith excellence.

As this will preserve my life andfill it with prosperity.

Let your wise owl open myspiritual eyes.

Let your olive tree open myspiritual ears.

Let your powerful shield enable myspirit to receive the riches of your wisdom.

Female and male, the arts of warare thine,

Fanatic, much-formed dragoness,divine:

Over the Phlegrean giants, rousedto ire,

Thy coursers driving, withdestruction dire.

Sprung from the head of Zeus, ofsplendid mien,

Purger of evils, all-victoriousqueen.

Hear me, O Goddess, when to thee Ipray,

With supplicating voice both nightand day,

And in my latest hour, give peaceand health,

Propitious times, and necessarywealth,

And, ever present, be thy votariesaid,

O, much implored, art’s parent,blue-eyed maid.

Printable Chant to Athena

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Prayer to Athena and Offerings
Prayer + Offerings to Athena

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