Horseshoe for Luck: Unlocking Luck and Transformation

When you think of symbols that are associated with luck, what do you think of? For many, an image of a horseshoe Ʊ comes to mind as this symbol has been favored as one of the luckiest that you can use to bring positivity into your life.

While this is true, there’s more to this powerful symbol than luck or protection, and you can use it daily to transform your life.

Origin of the Horseshoe

To start, it’s important to reflect on the origins of horseshoes and how they’ve become an iconic symbol throughout time. Of course, the true origins of horseshoes are from none other than horses themselves.

Horses are powerful animals used for sport, transportation, and companionship. Horses are loyal, obedient, and majestic, making them their own transformative symbol. This is likely where the horseshoe’s ability to protect came from, as horses are fast animals that allow people to flee from enemies or protect themselves against an opposing force.

It’s also believed that the Chaldeans, Eastern Rite Catholics, associated the horseshoe symbol with a crescent moon. In these ancient times, they worshiped various moon goddesses. Because a horseshoe holds an uncanny resemblance to the moon, they considered it to be a symbol of the power, protection, and abundance that these goddesses provided for them.

Rhiannon The Goddess
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Some believe horseshoe symbolism stems from the legend of Saint Dunstan AD 959. In the legend, the Archbishop had an encounter with the Devil himself. The Devil requested that the Archbishop tend to his horse’s hooves. Saint Dunstan tricked the Devil and nailed a horseshoe to his foot, leaving him vulnerable and in agony. Saint Dunstan made the Devil promise that once he removed the horseshoe from his foot, he wouldn’t enter any home that hung a horseshoe outside.

Horseshoe Spiritual Meaning

Attract Luck 🧲

The horseshoe as a good luck charm is the most common interpretation of this amulet. Try to imagine life before cars, trains, airplanes, and other modern forms of transportation. Then, imagine life back when battles and the need for protection were much higher than it is today.

Having a horse to travel and defend yourself gave you the upper hand. Without having a horse, people were much more vulnerable and likely to experience more hardships. This is why a horseshoe is a powerful symbol of luck, as it symbolizes having the upper hand and an advantage over the current circumstances of your life.

When you go through times of uncertainty or experience a lack of confidence, consider carrying a horseshoe with you or hanging one in your home to help align you with luck and advantage!

Now that you’ve learned why the horseshoe is a symbol of luck, you may be wondering how you can use the horseshoe for luck.

Good Luck Horseshoe: Up or Down?

Horseshoe: Up or down?
Horseshoe: Up or down?

How you hang a horseshoe for luck depends on who you want the luck to transfer to. If you have a horseshoe upright Ʊ, say on your front door, this collects and pours luck into your home and into the lives of your family.

Hanging a horseshoe upside down Ω is said to help spread and share the luck with those around you, such as your neighbors or anyone living in your community.

Bad Luck?

Some may wonder if it’s bad luck to hang a horseshoe upside down. This depends on your own superstition. As mentioned previously, an upside-down horseshoe can represent spreading the luck it contains.

Horseshoe hanging upside down
Horseshoe hanging upside down

Some also believe that hanging a horseshoe upside down depletes the luck and protective abilities of the symbol. This is due to their own interpretations of the symbol and doesn’t necessarily have to be true for you.

The truth is, horseshoes are a magnificent symbol no matter which way you place them or how you use them.


Horses have been famously used for protection in battle and challenging times throughout history. These animals are fearless and swift and have run head-first through any challenge.

Because of this, horseshoes can be used in times of opposition. Some use the horseshoe in their protection spells, such as to ward off the evil eye. You can use the horseshoe for more mundane needs as well, such as protection of health or finances.

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Because of the horseshoe’s association with Goddesses and horses, they encapsulate a magickal essence of beauty and allure. Beauty is more than skin deep; it represents the finer aspects of life and the magic that exists throughout everything.

If you’re struggling to tap into your own beauty or have lost the beauty in the world around you, consider bringing the horseshoe as a magical symbol into your life and watch as light and charm begin to flood back in.

Financial Abundance

Horseshoes are also known as the “money drawer” because they can help assist you in drawing in financial abundance and prosperity. When trying to manifest more abundance, it’s important to hang a horseshoe in the place where business is performed.

Place a horseshoe in your workplace, home office, or in a cabinet where financial matters are kept. It can also be helpful to carry a picture of a horseshoe in your wallet to help attract abundance.

Where to Hang a Horseshoe?

Understanding where to hang a horseshoe in your house is essential. One of the best places to hang this symbol is on your front door. Just like with hanging a Witch’s broom by the door, this is where the most abundant flow of energy is transmitted.

Hanging a horseshoe on the door
A door is a powerful place to hang a horseshoe

Keeping a horseshoe outside the door helps draw in luck, protection, and beauty continuously. It’s also important to note that you want to steer clear of hanging a horseshoe on your bathroom door, as this is where energy is depleted and removed from your home.

Can You Wear a Horseshoe For Luck?

Wearing a horseshoe as enchanted jewelry, such as a necklace or a bracelet is a great way to carry lucky and protective energy with you throughout the day. As you wear this symbol, your own energy field begins to emit the same energy as the horseshoe, which can help assist you in transforming your life for the better.

Embody Luck and Protection

The horseshoe is a magnificent symbol, rich with cultural and religious associations. Using this symbol in your daily life can help assist you, make challenges easier, and help draw in more freedom and financial security than ever before.

Use this symbol however, seems fit and play around with how you incorporate it into your daily life. No matter how you work with the horseshoe, it’s sure to help bring in brighter, more positive energies.

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