Wiccan Prayer: Blessing for a Friend

Video Devotional


Light a purple or white candle during this prayer.

Your blessing can help and bring change in the life of a friend, no matter the particulars of their situation. Maybe they need healing, protection or a bit of good luck.

Thanking our friends in person or giving them a call is always the best way to reach them, but other times we can quietly send our energy to them or meditate and reflect upon the relationship we share with them.

Transcription of the blessing

Mighty Goddess,

Bless and embrace the heart of ____________

Surround them with your light, day and night.

Send prosperity and wealth,

Fill them with your gracious love,

And shield their body in perfect health.

Bathe them in you Light and Wisdom.

Relieve all burdens.

Protect them from danger.

And fill them with joy.

Bring loving people closer to them.

All good things, happiness and success.

Keep them from evil-hearted ones,

So they can be ever-blessed.

May you bless all my friends and always keep them with you.

May we find fortune and relief.

So it is now, so mote it be.

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