Full Blue Moon August 2021

Happy Blue Moon in Aquarius – August 22, 2021

This blue moon is the Lion’s Gateway of conscious level. So be aware that your emotions can run high within you. So be kind to yourself always. Accept the new changes. Even though your emotion will try to burn yourself out, but you must not rush to accomplish things. This is a beautiful time to end unwanted energy. So, remember, not to rush, but relax and enjoy accomplishing things. To read in detail, please follow the link: Blue Moon in Aquarius – 22nd August 2021

Blue Moon Aquarius Ritual:- This is a “Tarot Ritual”. This will help to find the root cause and its solution easily. Please follow the link: Blue Moon in Aquarius Tarot Ritual

One question to the audience:- Our members are preparing to discover their true desire by this time. What about others? Are you all ready to discover your true self?

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