Rose Water Toner Potion Recipe

Rose Water Toner: Potion Recipe

Roses 🌹 have astringent and antibacterial properties. You can use Rose water to maintain the skin’s pH balance and control excess oil. This easy-to-make rose toner helps with redness, dry skin, acne and more.

I keep my rosewater toner in my refrigerator, most of it in a large jar, but also a small squeeze bottle full that I use daily until it needs to be filled again. – Haley

Why this Spell Works

  • Rose is a common ingredient in cosmetics. It is known for its gentle anti-inflammatory and healing properties as well as beautiful scent. Rose is used for healing, peace, love, protection and beauty magic.

Rose Water Toner: Potion Recipe

Recipe by haley

Roses have astringent and antibacterial properties. You can use Rose water to maintain the skin’s pH balance and control excess oil.


  • 12 organic roses

  • 1 liter moon water (made with distilled water)

  • 1/4 cup vodka


  • Rinse roses with room temperature water, and then pluck off all petals.
  • Place all petals in a large strainer, and rinse well to get rid of any debris.
  • Transfer petals to a large pot, pour in enough distilled water to cover them & add a lid. Bring the water to a simmer, stirring occasionally until you notice all the color is sapped out of the petals. (Usually between 30-40 minutes).
  • While stirring, watching & enjoying the smell of roses, close your eyes. Center yourself and speak your intention aloud:
    “From the bush and tree
    Let your magic break free
    Fill this potion with healing
    Self love, security, happy feelings
    Cleanse my skin
    Start from within
    And wrap me up in lunar light
    Heal my skin both day & night”
  • After the color is gone (the petals will turn almost-white or yellow in color), remove from heat and use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to strain the petals out.
  • Put the rosewater in a jar, and add the vodka as a preservative ingredient.
  • To use:
  • Wash face with soap/cleanser, rinse well & pay dry.
  • Squeeze a little rose water toner on a cotton ball or pad, rub all over your face and let air dry.


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Rose Water Potion Spell

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