Protection Spell: Enchant an Amulet

Simple Protection Spell Charm: Enchant an Amulet

Are you looking for a way to protect yourself from negative energies, hexes, and curses? Protection spells are an essential part of any spiritual practice, especially if you are new to Wicca or practicing witchcraft. If you’re just getting started, protection spells are perfect for beginners! This particular spell introduces a daily ritual for protection that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

How to Detect a Curse
How to Detect a Curse

An Easy Daily Protection Ritual

It is easy to feel vulnerable and uncertain with the changes in our lives that arise every day. To evoke a feeling of comfort, protection, and understanding, creating a simple chant or spell can be an accessible and powerful way of connecting with our own inner strength and wisdom.

This simple protection ritual gives us the opportunity to pause, reflect, reset, and rebalance ourselves. We can invite protection beyond that of mere physical safety. Instead, we can invoke a sense of emotional security no matter what happens during the course of a day.

You Will Need

  • An item to use as a protective amulet. This can be a wooden token with the Algiz rune carved on it, a sigil you’ve designed yourself, or any symbol of protection, such as a pentacle, Hamsa, or the Eye of Horus. You may also use a crystal with protective properties, such as black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, malachite, or even clear quartz that you’ve programmed for this intention.
  • A pen/pencil and a piece of paper (even your Notes app will do!)

How To Cast A Protection Ritual

Simple Protection Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

While this initial rite might be slightly time-consuming, through these simple steps you will be creating an amulet that you can use quickly and easily in your everyday practice. Let’s get started!


  • an item to use as a protective amulet

  • a pen/pencil and a piece of paper


  • If you wish, set the mood by playing music that makes you feel mystical or empowered. Light some candles or incense, decorate with crystals, or do whatever gets you in the mindset for spellwork.
  • Cleanse the object that you’ve chosen to be your talisman. You can use sage, incense smoke, or even blessed water.
  • Create an affirmation or igniting phrase. This can be as simple as “I am protected from those who wish me harm” or “I reflect negative intent back to its sender”. Write this down on your paper so you don’t forget. Be sure your phrase is written in the present tense, as though the magic is already doing its work. (I.e.: “I am safe from harm” rather than “I will be protected from harm.”) It is also crucial to believe that the intention is true as you are stating it.
  • Cast a circle of protection and summon any deities or spirits that you may work with throughout your practice. This is an optional step, of course.
  • Charge your amulet by holding it in your hand, meditating on it, and deeply focusing your intent. Once you’re ready, state your chant or affirmation aloud. Repeat as many times as necessary, and picture that energy flowing through you, out through your fingertips, and into your amulet.
  • Repeat this incantation as you focus your energy and intent on your amulet.
    "My soul is surrounded by divine protection, Keeping me safe from every direction. I am connected to strength and peace, As I remain free of fear and unease.”
  • Focus on channeling your intention until you feel your amulet buzzing with energy. This may not necessarily be a physical sensation, so it’s important to tune into your intuition during this time.
  • Once you feel your spell is successful, thank your deities, ancestors, or accompanying spirits for any part they may have played in your ritual. Open your circle and take notes regarding your experience, if you wish.

How To Use Your Protection Amulet

Once you have created your amulet, you can activate it at any time by saying your affirmation phrase and carrying your amulet with you. This can become a daily ritual if you so choose, stating your affirmation as you don a necklace with a pendant for protection. If you don’t favor jewelry, you can bless a small crystal to carry in your pocket or car.

Portable Pagan Altar
Traveling Witch Altar

More Protective Magic For Beginners

  • Create wards or sigils of protection to place in and around your home. This may be as simple as a mirror placed on your windowsill facing outward to reflect negative intentions back to their sender.
  • It’s also important to protect yourself on the physical plane! If you were to put up protections and then go about your life without changing your actions, this would not only be unwise but also show a lack of intention in regard to your spell.
  • For protection around your home, you can place a protective amulet, horseshoe, or besom above the frame of your front door to deter unwanted spirits from entering.
Working with Mirrors in Magick
Working with Mirrors in Magick

Protection spells are just one of the many ways to experience the power within yourself and feel secure and safe. The initial steps of casting a protection spell may seem daunting but with practice, they become second nature. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that there are simple everyday protection rituals you can engage in, like meditation or visualization, which bring their own level of security. Maintaining self-awareness and being mindful of the tools you have at your disposal are key components of crafting an effective protection spell and ritual. With focus and dedication, anyone can learn how to cast a protection spell effectively and frequently that will aid you on your journey to higher self-development.

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