How to Cut Spiritual Ties: Cut & Clear Spell

Energy can live on long after we have an experience with people, things, and places. Often it can become stuck in our body, affecting our own energy, and therefore the energy we subsequently give off to others. Too often people go about their lives carrying energy that doesn’t belong to them, energy that has become stuck inside causing fatigue, illness, and emotional instability, oftentimes seemingly without cause.

But it does have a cause. Carrying energy that doesn’t belong to you is tiring, whether it’s energy from past relationships or traumas. Learning how to cut ties with this energy is hugely beneficial in allowing you to fully embrace and live by your own inner guidance. Mixed energy can cause murkiness within, a sense of loss of self and identity. In this article, we are going to show you how you can cut ties with energy that you no longer need to carry so that you can live life lighter and more free.

Two blue heads face each other with red lines connecting them.
We can be connected without even realizing it.

What Does Cutting Ties Mean?

Another name for cutting ties is cord-cutting. Everything is energy, including thoughts, actions, and emotions — everything has an energetic signature, so to speak. As such, the energy of interactions or experiences can be left behind in you, whether it’s good or bad.

Cutting cords or ties with this energy is what happens when you intentionally focus on the energetic connection and, most commonly, visualize the cord being severed. This is what we will take you through in this spell. Sometimes these cords will need to be cut multiple times if it is a particularly toxic event or person, and sometimes once is enough. You will need to trust your intuition and have a good sense for feeling energies so that you can tell when the cord has been cut.

Reasons to Cut Ties

As mentioned, cutting ties is a helpful practice to do so that you can maintain your own inner peace and ensure that your energy isn’t being depleted by someone else’s. It most likely needs to happen when you have experienced a difficult time. This can include a breakup, an accident, and conflicts at work. If this energetic tie is causing you pain and stress, it’s time to cut ties.

We all know what it’s like to have broken up with somebody, or be broken up with, and not able to quite get over them. It feels as though your energy is still tied to them. You feel an intensity with your energy being linked to what they’re doing or whether they’ve messaged you. This is the time to cut the energetic cord keeping you connected so that you can go about living your life.

Methods for Cutting Ties

There are a number of different ways that this can be done. There are meditations, chants, affirmations, rituals and, of course, spells. We’re all about helping you deepen your knowledge and practice when it comes to your Wicca journey. We will show you how you can create your own cutting ties spell and ritual that you can use whenever you feel the heaviness of energy that no longer serves you.

It’s important to know that cutting ties doesn’t necessarily mean cutting people off. Many people can be a bit afraid of cutting ties because they think it means they will have to sacrifice relationships and friendships. What it really means is you are simply cutting energetic cords that are running between you and people, experiences, or things. This can be done whilst maintaining a connection to them.

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If, however, you do feel that your energy isn’t in a place where keeping someone or something in your life is proving beneficial, then cutting ties completely may be necessary in order to protect your peace. Doing this can include setting very strong boundaries that place you at the center of your decisions. It is also important to remember that emotional pain does not always mean you are energetically tied to someone. Emotional pain is an important part of life. We can’t just magick away our emotions, either. This is why having a strong sense of intuition and energy is important.

Cutting Ties Visualization Spell

As with all spells and rituals, it’s important to get into a relaxed and focused frame of mind. The intention you set is one of the most important parts of witchcraft. Focus on your intention gently but also release any unwanted energy you hold. This is called grounding and it is a foundational practice in witchcraft. Then you are ready to move on.

The simplest way to cut cords is through visualization, although some people find it easier to have a physical cord as well that can be cut to represent the cutting of energies. Much as you would burn a letter or intentions list in a fire ritual, sometimes having a tangible representation of what is happening can help.

Otherwise, you can simply visualize in your mind’s eye an energetic cord connecting you to the person, place, or thing that you want to sever energy with. This can look however it comes up for you, but often it can look like a glowing connection. Depending on the circumstances, it may be dark or light-colored. Focus your attention on the cord and when you feel ready, imagine it being cut. Archangel Michael is the best to call in for help here as he holds with him a big silver sword that can be used to sever the connection, so if you believe in angels, ask for his help.

While you’re doing this, keep breathing slowly in and out, and on every out-breath, feel yourself releasing the energy that doesn’t belong to you. With every inhale, call back the energy that has also been leaking out along this cord to the other person. As mentioned, you can do this once or you can do it a few times if you feel it’s needed.

How to Cut Spiritual Ties: Cut & Clear Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Cut the energetic cords holding you back with this “Cut and Clear” spell.



  • Begin by cleansing your space with the cleansing herbs or incense.
  • Hold the cord or rope in your hands as you close your eyes. Visualize the energetic cord connecting you to the person you want to cut ties with. Embody the feeling of this relationship and focus on why you want to sever that connection.
  • When you’re ready, hold the cord firmly in both hands. With your eyes open, say the following.
  • Take the scissors and cut the cord in half as you repeat this phrase.
  • Burn the cord pieces safely in your cauldron or other fire-safe container. When the ashes have cooled, release them into the wind or put them in the trash.

Longer instructions

If you don’t feel that the visualization is enough, then the following spell will help to ensure the cords are cut. Many people advise that the best time to do this is on either a Sunday or a New Moon as both represent the end of a cycle and the start of a new one.

Black Candle

You’ll need:

  • A candle – preferably black
  • A cord or rope of some sort
  • Scissors
  • A lighter
  • Cleansing method of your choice
  • A fire-safe container (or you can do it outside safely)

As with any ritual or spell, cleanse the space you will be performing it. This can be done through ritually burning purification herbs, using sound, or sweeping with a besom.

Take some deep breaths and begin to picture what or who it is you want to cut ties with. As mentioned, this can be a specific person, an experience, or a place. Start to build up the feeling that you want to get rid of. This is the energy behind the connecting cord. As you have this in your mind, take a length of cord and hold it tight in your hands, one hand on each end of the cord. This cord represents your connection to who or what you are trying to cut ties with.

When you feel ready, it’s time to cut the cord. Hold both ends of the cord, rope, or ribbon in one hand. Take your scissors, knife, or boline and sever the cord in the middle as you say the following:

I call my energy back to me from you.
As I sever this cord, so too do I sever the connection between us.

Drop the severed cord in your fire-safe container and take three deep, slow breaths. As you do so, take note of how you feel. Do you feel lighter? Has a weight been lifted off you? Do you feel like you are buzzing with energy? Now is a good time to make a note of these thoughts and feelings in your Book of Mirrors.

Once you have reflected on your experience with severing these ties, now it’s time to complete the ritual Take your severed cord and burn it in a safe way. You can build a bonfire, light a small fire in your cauldron, or burn the pieces individually. As you do so, you can speak a few words from the heart or say the following:

I release this energetic tie that had its hold on me.
You will no longer hold me back.
You will no longer have a grasp on me.
My energy is mine alone and you are not welcome here.
I release our connection and purge it in these flames.

You have cut the ties and released unwanted energy. You should feel lighter and more free – well done! Rejoice in this feeling and allow yourself to be filled with divine love. Sense golden, warm light flowing into you and thank yourself and whoever you believe in — God, Spirit, Higher Self, or otherwise — for supporting you through this.

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  1. I honestly need help and answers. I had a dream where i was given a crystal stones that looks like pebbles picked from d sandy beach…it looked like a rough carnelian or sun stone. It was a small girl that gave it to me. Then i met her mom in dat dream & she gave me more of the same pebbles b4 she took me to meet a shaman for blessings. He blessed me,then stood up and brought a big sphere of crystal that’s cloudy but i looked closely at it(2 make sure I can identify it when i woke up) and saw a thin line of grayish black swirl/lines. I collected it from him and he said 2 d lady with me to take me to see his grandmother. Which she did but that’s a story 4 another day. What could it mean? Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Lots of love & Light.

    • Hello Grace,

      Dreams are extremely subjective. They often speak in symbols and riddles that only the dreamer can understand. Dreaming of crystals or receiving gifts could mean that a spirit, entity, or spirit guide is trying to contact you to give you a message. You could also be called to work with the spirit of the specific crystal or an entity related to the crystal. Dreams can also be our brain’s way of making sense of our day and processing what we’ve seen. So, if you happened to see a lot of crystals one day, you may dream of crystals.

      We have a tarot spread you can try if you use divination. Try this spread to interpret your dream message!
      Dream Messages: 5-Card Tarot Spread for Dream Interpretation

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