Scrying for Beginners Methods and Devices

Scrying for Beginners: PDF Guide & Wiccan Scrying Spell

Scrying is an age-long divination practice that dates back several centuries and has been used by people of various spiritual affiliations to discover the truth about themselves and other issues around them. 🔮

In this article, we will learn about different scyring methods, how to scry for beginners, and a simple scrying spell with a black mirror that you can try at home using these tools:

Scrying spell
Scrying spell

What does “scrying” mean?

Scrying may be described as the art of divining by looking into sacred, physical surfaces. Scrying is also referred to as the practice of making use of suitable media to connect to the supernatural realm, with the hope of uncovering hidden spiritual wisdom or visions.

The practice of scrying has been a part of many ancient traditions and cultures around the world. It is particularly deeply rooted in the ancient Greek, Celtic, and Egyptian cultures. The origins of the English term “to scry” go back to Old French, and are related to the word “describe. ” It can also means to “reveal.”

Scrying Devices

Scrying methods and devices
Scrying methods and devices

Common physical mediums or techniques for scrying are water, a crystal ball, mirrors, stones, smoke, or fire.

During a scrying session, it’s important to use the chosen physical medium as a means to enter a relaxed state of mind, and enter a spiritually conscious and awakened state. This could be a state of trance, or the alpha state, which is an ideal mindset for meditation which can boost creativity and intuition.

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As mentioned earlier, scrying requires a suitable medium or a reflective surface through which one can focus and enter a state of higher consciousness. Some of the common scrying devices used as a gateway to another dimension include:

Scrying with a Crystal Ball

Crystals were widely used in ancient times to induce visions. The Scottish highlanders and the druids were the first people to use crystal balls.

Scrying with crystal ball

The crystal ball has a reputation for being used as a medium of communication and connection with the divine. Once we focus our energy and get into that state or higher consciousness, we can receive warnings, messages, lessons, and deep spiritual insights.

Also, it can be a two-way communication channel, meaning you can also share your thoughts, fears, and aspirations with the divine while you receive guidance and direction in return.

Obsidian orbs are perfect for scrying. Find one here: Obsidian sphere (Amazon link).

Scrying with Water

Water is also one of the oldest media used for scrying. After all, water is the planet’s natural mirror. When water is poured into a bowl with a grey or silver coating, it becomes a reflective surface and can serve as a medium for focusing your energy, raising your vibration, and receiving from the divine world.

Scrying with water

Ancient dwellers have also used clouds as media for scrying and foretelling the future, and finding answers to various mysteries. Other divination methods that have been used include smoke, fire, and stones.

But when it comes to the scryer’s preferences, they are not limited to certain devices. They have the freedom to choose whatever works for them. Some prefer to stare into complete darkness; others would rather choose a clear sky, shadows, or even ceilings.

Black Field Scrying

If you don’t have any tools, you can simply stare at a black wall or curtain, or simply gaze into a dark room. Instead of focusing on what your eyes can see, stare into nothingness until you start seeing a projection of light over the field. With enough practice, you will see fully-fleshed visions without any special tools.

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How to Scry with a Mirror

Here’s a simple scyring spell with a black mirror and candles. You can choose the same or different colors for the candles but make sure they are cool and dull colors to avoid distracting you from the main ritual.

Spell: Scrying with a Black Mirror

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Scrying spell with a black mirror or glass crystal and two candles. Explained step-by-step for beginner practitioners.


  • Dark room

  • 1 Black mirror or a glass painted black

  • 2 Candles (any color) of the same size

How to cast the spell

  • Position the mirror and make sure it is not reflecting any object. Do your best to find the best angle for this. You can position the mirror on a pedestal or an altar if you wish.
  • Light the candles and place them on the sides of the mirror. The candles should be placed by the sides and slightly in front of the mirror so that they illuminate it. Make sure you are not seeing a reflection of the candle itself in the mirror.
  • Sit comfortably in front of the mirror and meditate until you are fully relaxed. The length of time is up to you. If you find it hard to focus and relax without your mind wandering, start by learning to meditate properly, then come back to this step.
  • Partially gaze into your black mirror. Do this by gazing at a point just in front of the mirror in such a way that you have a cloudy or foggy view of the mirror. Once you start getting the cloudy or foggy vision, it means you are now getting into the ideal scrying state.
  • While still in a fully relaxed state and maintaining this foggy-like vision, surrender yourself to the thoughts and visions that come up in your mind. Do not try to control what you are thinking about, just let your intuition guide you.
  • Do this for 10 minutes on your first try and work your way up to 1 hour. When you’re done, turn on the lights and write down or draw what you experienced.


  • 🖨️ Scroll down to find a printable version of the scrying spell.

You’ll probably not see much on the first try, and you may struggle to make sense of those visions and thoughts. Eventually you will enter a trance-like state where the images will begin to form in front of your eyes. These can be rays of light, silhouettes or shapes which may or may not move.

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These visions and thoughts playing out in your mind are a common part of black mirror scrying experiences. With constant practice, you should begin to see some amazing results.

Print it: Scrying Spell

This PDF version comes with a transparent background so you can print it on any kind of paper you want and add it to your own Book of Shadows. Log in to download it or find free printable grimoire pages.

Other Spells with Mirrors

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Scrying Tips 💡

Be patient: If it’s your first time scyring or you are a beginner, remember that it’s totally normal not to see anything. While some have innate abilities, others may not have a strong clairvoyance but still receive signs or messages through different senses. Look for sounds, sensations, thoughts and feelings. Like with other methods of divination, make sure to have a question in mind so that you’ll have a focus to guide you.

Try different scrying methods: Some people find it easier to scry with certain tools than others. Explore different techniques and scrying methods, different contexts and lighting around you.

Scrying Tips Wicca

There is no rigorous guideline stating what and what not to do. Because scrying is very personal and subjective, you will be doing a lot of experimenting and figuring out what works for you.

Let go of expectations: It’s important to be non-judgmental of what you see or may not see. Don’t be seeking for anything specific, as this tendency can ruin your experience. Let go of any preconceptions until you gain experience. At first, it’s better to simply write down or draw anything you see at the moment, and come back later to analyze it with a fresh eye. Once you’ve mastered the basics of scyring, you can divine for specific things.

Keep practicing: Scrying is a skill that can be learned, practiced regularly, and perfected. Just like driving a car or swimming, it’s hard to get it right on the first try. If you are new to the practice of divination or scrying, do not be discouraged or think of it as an impossible skill to learn.

Have you tried scrying? Share your scyring experiences at the Infinite Roots Coven! Here’s a post by Moonshadow on Mirror Gazing to Contact the Spirit of a Deceased Loved One.

Why is scrying important?

Learning and perfecting the art of connecting to the supernatural realm through the use of suitable symbols and media, and getting deep insights about what lies ahead, can become a game-changer in your path. By learning how to scry with a crystal or other device, you can make better choices in your life journey and influence your destiny positively.

For many experienced Witches, Wiccans, and other spiritual practitioners, mastering the art of scrying and being able to receive messages and signals in whatever form they are revealed, and being able to decode and interpret them is an extremely valuable gift.

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