What is Mirror Magick? Divination and Spells

Mirror magick relates to any spell, divination, or spiritual communication involving mirrors. What’s great about mirror magick is that nearly everyone has a mirror in their home so it’s incredibly easy to get started! You don’t need a fancy mirror at all. Even a simple compact mirror carried in your purse or pocket can work.

Methods of Mirror Magick

There are countless ways to incorporate mirrors into your magick, many of which are great for beginners. Let’s take a look!


One of the most common forms of mirror magick, scrying is any divination that is performed by gazing. This could be gazing at a surface such as glass or a pool of water, a dancing flame, or the stars in the sky. To scry means “to discern dimly”, a fitting definition for an enigmatic act. One of the most common tools for scrying is the infamous Black Mirror.

Black Mirror Scrying

What is a black mirror, and what is it used for? The use of a black mirror in divination and spirit contact dates back to practices in ancient Greece. Black mirror scrying is often performed in a psychomanteum. This is a room that would be kept dark and fitted with a chair facing a black mirror. This mirror would be angled upward so as to reflect nothing but darkness.

While seated in a psychomanteum, even a novice could be guided to communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, and other unseen entities. In small-group dark mirror sessions hosted by occultist Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author of The Art of Black Mirror Scrying, first-time practitioners reported hearing disembodied whispers in unknown languages and drum beats from the ancestors of other participants.

That said, you don’t need a special room dedicated to scrying or a fancy black mirror to try it yourself! You can buy a black mirror online, create your own by painting a regular mirror, or use a reflective black crystal such as obsidian to perform your rituals.

How To Perform Black Mirror Scrying

First, you’ll want to cleanse your mirror of any lingering energies as well as the area in which you will be performing your ritual. In a dimly-lit room, angle your mirror so that it is pointed up at a ceiling or a blank wall. The goal is to see nothing at all in the mirror’s reflection.

Once you’ve positioned your mirror, focus your mind’s eye within the mirror’s frame and try to enter a meditative state. You can burn incense or candles, play quiet music, or listen to white noise at a frequency of 432 HZ to help reach this state of mind.

Before your begin your session, be sure to set your intention. While some may wish to use their session to communicate with ancestors, others may wish to receive visions of the past or future. Keeping your intention in mind will help you to remain focused in your practice.

Depending on how you’re most sensitive to receiving messages, you may see images within the frame of the black mirror while scrying or hear sounds. You may even experience these sensations as though they are happening in your mind.

Protection and Binding

Did you know that mirrors are commonly-used tools in protection and binding spells?

Try placing a mirror on the outside of each window of your home, facing out. This will reflect magick attacks against your home and anyone who is in it. You may also place the image of a person who has harmed you against a mirror facing inward. In this manner, any energy they direct toward you is reflected back at them.

Otherworldly Portals

Mirrors are said to be portals into other worlds. In some superstitions, mirrors are kept covered so as to keep spirits and entities from entering our homes from other realms. It is also believed that you should never have two mirrors facing each other. In doing so, you turn two portals into an endless chain of them! Better not to take any chances!

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Speak your intentions into existence while you look at yourself in the mirror! Shower yourself with compliments, look into your eyes, see the confidence and beauty you wish to embody, and believe it to be so. This is an especially helpful ritual for manifesting self-love and using other affirmations surrounding self-worth!

Love Magick

A femme-presenting person looks into a mirror and smiles.
Speak affirmations into your mirror to boost self-confidence!

According to an old folk tale, sleep with a mirror under your pillow for three nights in a row. On the third night, you’ll dream of your true love! Another tale suggests walking backward down the stairs while looking through a mirror to catch a glimpse of your future spouse, but we’re afraid you have a better chance of catching your death trying that one!

Glamour Magick

Incorporate your mirror into your daily “getting-ready ritual” to make every day a little more magickal! By turning your morning routine into a spell to embody confidence, beauty, or that certain je ne sais quoi, your moisturizer becomes your battle armor, your highlighter is a veil of radiant energy, and different-colored pigments become palettes for a variety of color magick combinations. In this equation, your mirror is the altar on which you cast the spell that reveals your divine form.

More Mirror Magick!

What other ways can you incorporate mirrors into your magick? Try these on for size and start reflecting your energy to magnify your magick!

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