What to do on Lion's Gate Ritual

Ritual to Enter the Lion’s Gate: New Moon in Leo Spell

In 2021, we will all bear witness to a wonderful astrological phenomenon. The Lion’s Gate portal 🦁 will be opening on the same day as the New Moon in Leo: August 8th 🌑. With the fusion of these two energies, we can expect amplification of opportunity and luck. Spells of Positive Magic are encouraged on at this time.

This Lion’s Gate energy will boldly open doors for us with the confidence of Leo. Now is an optimal time to harness these vibrations to unlock your most daring desires and manifestations. Scroll down to find a guided ritual for the New Moon in Leo. 🠗

What is a Lion’s Gate portal?

Lion's Gate Witchcraft

A Lion’s Gate portal is an astrological phenomenon where 3 important celestial events take place:

  1. The star Sirius rises in the sky and becomes visible to us; 🌟
  2. The Sun is in its home sign of Leo;
  3. The numerological significance of 8/8.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and has been important to humanity since ancient Egypt, when it was equated to Goddess Isis, symbol of fertility.

The Lion was significant to ancient Egyptians who associated it with the sun and the pharaoh, the most powerful elements of life and death in ancient Egypt.

The Number 8 is the number of infinity (the reason we included it in the name of our website!), symbolizing the 8 lunar phases, the 8 Wiccan sabbats, and all endless cycles.

Collectively these factors are about to vibrate together in a highly specific way to produce an especially lucky and fortunate day out of the year. By practicing a Lion’s Gate ritual, you are aligning yourself with the energetic potency of this day of expansive opportunities.

Lion’s Gate Portal & Leo New Moon Ritual

For this Lion’s Gate and Leo New Moon ritual, ensure that your heart and spirit are open to receiving these energetic vibrations.


  • Your sacred space

  • Purifying incense (rosemary, sage, lavender)

  • Orange candle and matches

  • Journal and pen

  • A gentle meditation timer

How to cast the New Moon Spell

  • Cleanse your space with the incense. Be sure to let the smoke fill the room and say:
    “I call upon the cleansing properties of this plant to clear this space of all lingering energies. I return these energies to the Earth so that they may be recycled anew.”
  • Let the smoke cleanse you as well. Repeat the chant if necessary.
  • Light the orange candle and say:
    “I harness the power of the Leo constellation and Lion’s Gate Portal and invite in all that will serve my highest good.”
  • Set your meditation timer for your desired amount. Usually 10-20 minutes will do the trick. The goal is to clear your mind and elevate your consciousness so you can meet the vibrations of the Lion’s Gate Portal and New Moon in Leo with this ritual.
  • Feel your heart rate slow and your mind take pause, begin to visualize your life exactly how you want it to look. Engage your 5 senses and see it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and feel it.
  • Once your timer goes off, slowly wake up your body. Grab your journal and write down the experience you visualized and how your senses perceived it. The more detailed your descriptions, the more direction you are giving this energy to work in your favor, so be as thorough as possible!
  • Close your ritual by saying:
    “My heart, spirit, body, and mind are open to receiving the abundance available to me. I call forward what I desire for the good of all, with harm to none. I thank the Universe in advance for guiding me towards my highest good and bringing all I desire into my life.”
  • Allow your candle to gently dwindle down. If you need to leave the room, snuff out the candle and continue to burn it in the next days.


  • Never leave candles burning unattended.

How this New Moon in Leo Spell Works

  • 🌑 New Moons are a great time to reflect, rest, and begin anew. You can welcome the new lunar cycle with a New Moon spell for bringing what you want into your life.
  • Leo energy is bold, authoritative, and confident. Leo is a fire sign, and fire is the element of action, motion, and creation.
  • 🕯️ Orange candles represent creativity, confidence, and charisma – all traits heavily associated with Leos.
  • 📓 The Witch’s Journal is a personal space to reflect on the path you’re walking. Use any chance you have, such as this unique cosmic event, to log your spiritual development.

With the New Moon in Leo arriving on August 8th, it is important that we really lean into the many lessons that the Zodiac fire sign of Leo has for us.

Leos are bold, creative, individualistic, generous, and the life of the party. During this New Moon, consider how you take responsibility for your actions, how you display your own uniqueness, and make some time to give generously to others. Charisma, confidence, and creativity are the key words to remember here. Don’t be afraid to lean into any intuitive messages you may get that are in alignment with stepping into your power.

With this ritual, you are sure to connect with the vibrations of the Lion’s Gate Portal and Leo New Moon. You may find that your manifestations come to fruition much quicker than you were expecting but that’s just the magic of August 8th, 2021. Do not pass up on the rare astrological opportunity to lean into what has been waiting for you. Wishing you bountiful and abundant Lion’s Gate Portal opening and Leo New Moon!

What to do on Lion’s Gate?

Consider August 8th quite like planting seeds in the Spring when you know the soil is incredibly fertile; you will see exponential growth in whichever way you decide to work with this energy.

With this New Moon and Lion’s Gate energy swirling around us, now is such a lucky time to set out your intentions and be clear about how you would like to move forward in your life. Aligning yourself energetically with whatever it is you would like to manifest will be key to unlocking the full potency of this New Moon and Lion’s Gate energetic fusion. That being said, engaging in a thoughtful ritual will be the best way for you to harness this powerful energy.

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