Burn Away Past Spell Easy Fire Magick

Burn Away: A Spell to Release the Past and Let Go

Is there something holding you back?

Set fire to intangible bindings and blockades with this simple fire spell. Watch your troubles burn to ashes as you become free to spread your wings again.

Burn Away the Past: A Fire Spell for a Fresh Start

Recipe by Bry Wisteria “TheTravelWitch”

This easy and simple fire spell only has a few ingredients and doesn’t take much time, but it can wield some very fiery results!

Before you begin, read all of the instructions carefully and keep your personal Witchy Ethics in mind before casting (see note below spell for more information).


  • 🕯️ A candle

  • 🥣 A fireproof bowl or dish

  • 📜 A small piece of paper


  • Begin by placing your unlit candle into the center of the fireproof bowl
  • Take your piece of paper and write down something (a situation, obstacle, or worry) that has been holding you back. Do not fold the paper.
  • Light your candle and hold your paper just out of reach of the flame (while keeping candle safety in mind!)
  • Say the words:

    Here it is written what is holding me back,
    I offer it now to the flames.
    Burn away this problem and strife,
    That I may rise anew again. 
  • Carefully burn your piece of paper. Allow the ashes to fall into the bowl below.
  • Allow the candle to burn out on its own, signaling the end of the spell.


  • After the wax has cooled, you may choose to use your divination skills by examining the spell remains as part of a Wax Reading.

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Watch Your Witchy Ethics!

For the above spell, it is recommended that you do not write down and burn someone’s name. Names have power in magick and burning someone’s name could be taken as a sign of wishing them harm. 

Instead, you might write down the situation they are involved in. Burning away a coworker’s negative influence or lingering feelings for an ex may yield the same result you wished for, but without crossing into what some may call Baneful Magick ☠️

Every witch has their own personal code of ethics– have you taken the time to explore what works best for you? 😊

Learn more about Wiccan Ethics and Values as you form your own definition of Ethical Witchcraft.

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Spellwork in Action

Debra shares her Burn Away the Past spell experience and asks for help with interpretation. See what the coven divines from her wax and ash spell remains!

Spellwork Experience »

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